National Energy Policy: The Cheney Law Massacre

Cassandra Anderson

The US National Energy Policy of 2005 was created under Dick Cheney’s Energy Task Force in secret meetings; evidence shows that the energy industry influences foreign policy and may have led us into the Iraq War.  Cheney’s National Energy Policy is also responsible for electricity deregulation scams, corporate welfare for energy producers and many other problems that we are still suffering from today.  Deregulated electricity problems in Texas and other states are a direct result of Cheney’s National Energy Policy. 

Cheney’s Energy Task Force

In January of 2001, President Bush Jr. appointed Dick Cheney as head of the secret Energy Task Force that created the National Energy Policy.  Dick Cheney’s National Energy Policy was developed in secret meetings with petroleum, coal, nuclear, natural gas, and electricity industry representatives and lobbyists including executives from Enron, Exxon-Mobile, Conoco, Royal Dutch Shell and BP Oil.

The secrecy of Cheney’s Energy Task Force was maintained in a Supreme Court case, even though “Justice” Scalia should have recused himself because he went on a duck hunting trip with Cheney just prior to the hearing.

Scalia wrote, “If it is reasonable to think that a Supreme Court Justice can be bought so cheap, the Nation is in deeper trouble than I had imagined”.  If it is true that Scalia can’t be bought off, is it unreasonable to wonder if Cheney threatened to shoot Scalia in the face while hunting?

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Prior to the Supreme Court ruling, Judicial Watch was able to obtain an Iraq oilfield and pipeline map through the Freedom of Information Act; the map & accompanying documents appear to a stake on claims in Iraq oilfields.  The documents were dated March 2001, SIX MONTHS PRIOR TO 9/11!

Last year, some documents were declassified that show that Bush/Cheney had plans to invade Iraq in January of 2001, EIGHT MONTHS PRIOR TO 9/11!  These documents along with the Iraq oil map make it reasonable to infer that the energy industry directs foreign policy to a large degree.

Remember, almost 3000 people died in the controlled demolition explosions on 9/11.  While the Iraqi death toll is not fully documented, it is possible that more than one million innocent civilian Iraqi people have been killed in our name.  The total cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars since 2001 amounts to over $1.2 trillion.  Cheney’s Energy Task Force meetings may have been kept secret in order to cover up treason on the American people, for wars over oil.

Cheney’s Energy Policies

cheney-enronWe have no information about the deals Cheney struck with energy industry insiders, but we are subject to the rules made in the National Energy Policy (NEP) and taxpayers continue to fund the program.  Here are some of the key goals from NEP with a short analysis:

  • Energy efficiency and conservation- the Smart Grid was created to consolidate power; Smart Meters monitor us and can turn energy off remotely; higher prices are another feature of this program.
  • Repairing and adding to the existing network of refineries, pipelines, generators and transmission lines- this serves 2 purposes: federal control over energy infrastructure and taxpayer funded corporate welfare for Cheney’s pals.
  • Natural gas infrastructure improvement: 38,000 miles of new pipeline and 255,000 miles of distribution lines- Cheney created infrastructure benefiting fracking inventor Halliburton with taxpayer funded corporate welfare.  And Cheney benefited directly from his relationship with Halliburton.
  • Increasing energy supplies while protecting the environment- nice words, but green, clean and renewable energy sources like wind & solar are inefficient; they are “solutions” for phony global warming, an Agenda 21 objectives.  Interestingly, hydro-power dams, the cleanest source of electricity, are being destroyed while natural gas, extracted by fracking and touted as a ‘clean’ energy source, is promoted.

California Gets FERC’d

Enron made massive amounts of money in California by trading in energy derivative bets that were unregulated and open to corruption.  Then Enron manipulated energy loads and transmission in California, knowing when the shortages would occur, making insider bets and importing expensive short term energy contracts.

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