LRAD Corp. Claims LRAD Sound Cannon Is Not A Weapon

Orwellian doublespeak in action as LRAD Corp claims sound cannon not a weapon.

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LRAD Corporation, the company that manufactures the LRAD sound cannon used to terrorize protesters, primary during the G20 meetings in Pittsburgh, has claimed that their sound cannon is not a weapon.

Responding to an ACLU backed lawsuit by a women who suffered permanent hearing loss after the LRAD sound cannon was deployed on protesters at the Pittsburgh G20 summit, an LRAD Corp. spokesman claimed that their sonic device is simply not a weapon.

“LRAD is not a weapon,” LRAD spokesman Robert Putnam told the Associated Press.
“It is an effective long range communications system used to clearly broadcast critical information, instructions and warning,” reported Raw Story.

The lawsuit was filed by Karen Piper, a professor who was covering the protests as a journalist and author when she suffered permanent hearing loss after police, with no warning whatsoever and while protecting the criminal globalists who are openly planning a world government, attacked protesters and used the LRAD sound cannon to disperse the crowd.

“The intensity of being hit at close range by a high-pitched sound blast designed to deter pirate boats and terrorists at least a quarter mile away is indescribable,” said Piper.

The idea that this sonic sound cannon is not a weapon but a communications system used to broadcast critical information is clearly contradicted by the numerous videos from the G20 in Pittsburgh.

Does it sound like these LRAD sound cannons were used to broadcast critical information?

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