G. Edward Griffin: Masquerade in Moscow

This is the thirteenth installment in a series of chapter summaries from G. Edward Griffin’s must-read book The Creature From Jekyll Island.  This book may be the most important “red pill” available and we highly recommend that you read the full book.  Buy it today at RealityZone.

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Chapter 13 Summary: Masquerade in Moscow

The Bolshevik revolution was not a spontaneous uprising of the masses.  It was planned, financed, and orchestrated by outsiders.  Some of the financing came from Germany which hoped that internal problems would force Russia out of the war against her.  But most of the money and leadership came from financiers in England and the United States.  It was the perfect example of the Rothschild formula in action.

This group centered mainly around a secret society created by Cecil Rhodes, one of the world’s wealthiest men at the time. The purpose of that group was nothing less than world dominion and the establishment of a modern feudalist society controlled by the world’s central banks.  Headquartered in England, the Rhodes inner-most directorate was called the Round Table.  In other countries, there were established subordinate structures called Round-Table Groups.  The Round-Table Group in the united States became known as the Council on Foreign Relations.  The CFR, which was initially dominated by J.P. Morgan and later by the Rockefellers, is the most powerful group in America today.  it is even more powerful than the federal government, because almost all of the key positions in government are held by its members.  In other words, it is the United States government.

Agents of these two groups cooperated closely in pre-revolution Russia and particularly after the Tsar was overthrown.  The American contingent in Russia disguised itself as a Red Cross mission allegedly doing humanitarian work.  Cashing in on their close friendship with Trotsky and Lenin, they obtained profitable business concessions from the new government which returned their initial investment many times over.

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Get the book for yourself or for others you want to wake up.  It reads like a mystery novel and is filled with colorful metaphors that make the seemingly complex world of banking very easy to comprehend. Visit RealityZone for your copy today. Summary is re-printed with permission from G. Edward Griffin.

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