Arab Spring Ending in Anglo-American Whimper; Unpredictable Desperation to Follow

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Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
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Libya’s leader Muammar Qaddafi has managed to survive and put up fierce resistance for now half a year against NATO aggression and their Al Qaeda led rebel forces on the ground. Tripoli is still unsecured, and entire cities still stand firmly in defiance against constant NATO bombing and multiple attempts by “thousands” of rebels to surround and starve out cities. Libyans have also now fended off several full fledged assaults by an increasingly disorganized rebel army on the cities of Sirte and Bani Walid.

The cracks are beginning to show in NATO’s proxy army, the so-called Libyan rebels hailing from Libya’s eastern Cyrenaica region, notorious as the most concentrated recruiting ground for international terrorism on earth and the home of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), listed as a foreign terrorist organization by both the US State Department and the UK Home Office. In recent weeks, it has become impossible for the corporate media and NATO to hide the fact that the rebels are being led by LIFG commanders. It is also increasingly impossible to hide these terrorists’ atrocities as they literally exile or exterminate entire cities. The London Telegraph has finally admitted in short that the rebels are in fact genocidal racists. In the Telegraph’s article “Gaddafi’s ghost town after the loyalists retreat,” it is reported that rebels have taken the city of Tawarga, where the entire civilian population was either killed, rounded up, or exiled, all motivated by a “racist undercurrent.”

However, one thing NATO is still trying to hide, with the full cooperation of the corporate media, is that they are now on the eve of their September 19 deadline requiring their campaign to once again go in front of the UNSC for review.

UK and France’s Cameron and Sarkozy were allegedly in Tripoli along side warmongering imposter “intellectual” Bernard-Henri Levy, to quickly cement their open-ended commitment to the Benghazi terrorists, so as to permanently head off any previously self-imposed deadlines. Like the entire UN resolution, the deadline and review process were there merely for show, and turn out to be yet another self-contrived mechanism to lend credibility and legitimacy for an otherwise illegitimate military intervention. Libyan rebel leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil could be seen walking literally arm-in-arm with Sarkozy and Cameron, with Levy skulking in the background, a truly disparaging, disgraceful, and treasonous imperial display for the entire continent of Africa, which is now standing once again on the edge of Western recolonization.

Photo: Treason. Libyan rebel “leader” Jalil is flanked, arm-in-arm, on his right by UK’s David Cameron, and on his left by France’s Nicolas Sarkozy, with just over his left shoulder, Bernard Levy walking behind him, a venomous pro-war lobbyist masquerading as a “philosopher” or “intellectual.” This meager imperial parade easily doubles as a symbol for the attempted destruction of Libyan sovereignty.


Qaddafi’s stubborn resistance against NATO is still threatening to collapse their efforts to seize Libya. Qaddafi’s resistance has been so stubborn in fact, that it has tied up NATO’s increasingly limited and ineffective resources long enough for other nations weathering similar Wall Street/London sponsored destabilizations to prevail against the foreign-funded unrest besieging them. Syria for example, has seemingly “broken the back” of armed terrorists operating under the cover of the corporate media’s “peaceful protester” narrative. Reported first by geopolitical expert Dr. Webster Tarpley, the corporate media is now slowly conceding that indeed, Syria has worked its way out from under a clearly US-contrived “rebellion.” With Libya’s outcome still unclear, even a victory now would be Pyrrhic, and NATO hard pressed to use the “Libya precedence” as a means to sell intervention in Syria or Iran.

Other attempts to sow chaos and rebellion by the West in nations like Algeria have already failed, and the grand prize of starting renewed violence and unrest in Iran has fallen flat. Increasingly desperate, it looks as if Wall Street and London are preparing to play their last, and most desperate card – region wide violence centered around Israel. Attempts have been made throughout the entire “Arab Spring” to use understandable regional, even international contempt for the Israeli government as bait to legitimize and energize the “Arab Spring.” This could be seen in false claims and rumors promoted by Western and Israeli media including that Israel was “shipping arms” to save Hosni Mubarak’s regime in Egypt, or that Israeli-funded mercenaries were “assisting Qaddafi in Libya,” and even that Qaddafi was “Jewish” and could seek refuge in Israel under Israeli law. Israeli press has also tried the cartoonish claim that Syria’s Assad was Israel’s “favorite Arab dictator of all” in an effort to undermine him politically.

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However, now it appears that “revolutionary” leaders throughout the Middle East are attempting to stoke anti-Israeli sentiment into violence and create another type of regional conflagration, one that would invite in a more fluid tactical environment for the West to operate in militarily. If stooge elements within Turkey, Egypt, or now even an Al Qaeda controlled Libya, were to begin besieging Israel with conventional or even unconventional attacks, it could quickly spiral out of control giving Israel an excuse to reenact the 1967 Six Day War which, by all accounts, would inevitably draw in the United States, Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah. False flag terror attacks, mobs led by US-backed operatives like Egypt’s Mohamed ElBaradei inciting hatred and violence against Israeli targets are all possibilities. ElBaradei, who literally sits as a trustee within the US International Crisis Group alongside Israeli president Shimon Peres, has already feigned farcical interest in war with Israel as a political gambit to buy himself legitimacy amid substantiated claims that he is indeed a US stooge.

Whatever avenue Wall Street and London take now, it is quite clear their narrative of a “democratic dawn” across the Middle East is dead and buried, and the proponents of this disingenuous campaign left in a weakened and vulnerable position. Like many wild animals, an injured Anglo-American imperium is perhaps in its most dangerous and unpredictable state. For Sarkozy and Cameron to risk a trip to Tripoli shows how desperate the West is to “wrap up” in Libya and move on, despite the tactical realities on the ground there, and in their proposed next “project.” With the burning of an Israeli embassy in Cairo, and protests being organized in Jordan ahead of a vote on Palestinian statehood – it appears that the Israeli government, after long playing a more muted role in the Wall Street/London “Arab Spring” is about to take center stage.

Readers would serve themselves well by objectively examining everything involving Israel in the coming days, weeks, and months, as the global elite have carefully cultivated divisions, hatred, and predictable ploys all centered around emotions people harbor for the government of Israel, a contrived and contemptible Middle Eastern bastion of Western interests, a bane to both the Israeli people and their neighbors. Objectivity was abandoned in the early stages of the “Arab Spring” and it was easily sold as an “anti-Israel,” “anti-American” uprising, drawing in many well meaning people to support what was in fact a US ploy. The facts now clearly show that from the beginning, even years before the first protests in Tunisia or Egypt, the West was training, funding, equipping and preparing armies of youth, armed militants, and political proxy parties for the 2011 “Arab Spring.” Likewise, emotions regarding Israel and the very real transgressions of its government against its neighbors will be leveraged to full effect again in this next, more desperate stage of the “Arab Spring.”

It is important to see past these emotionally charged gambits and uncover the true ploy unfolding. It is also important to separate the people of Israel and even members of the Israeli government who are just as appalled at the prevailing militant posture the nation has taken, and just as dedicated to ending the injustices the billion-dollar US-funded Israeli military commits on a daily basis – separated from those willfully leading Israel and its neighbors to ruin on behalf of their Wall Street and London corporate-financier sponsors.

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