Smart Meter Slavery

Cassandra Anderson

Smart meters are radio frequency microwave meters that communicate with the Smart Grid.  The Smart Grid is a transmission system that delivers electricity to from power plants to distribution substations and then from the substations it is delivered to homes and businesses.

The federal Department of Energy (DOE) stated purpose of the Smart Grid is to reduce carbon emissions.  Note to DOE: man-made global warming is a lie — go ask NASA, CERN and 30,000 independent scientists.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is beneficial to plants — why do you think greenhouses pipe in carbon?  Because it makes plants and crops more robust.  According to Dr, Michael Coffman, a 500% increase in CO2 would only benefit plants and animals.  It is absurd to consider CO2 a pollutant!

The Smart Grid is being used to promote green energy/clean energy/renewable energy.  Because global warming (climate change) has been so thoroughly discredited, global warming policies and regulations are now being forced on us under the banner of green, clean and renewable energy. Global warming is a tool of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, the overarching blueprint for depopulation and total control.

Water and natural gas Smart Meters are scheduled to launch next year.  Again, the stated purpose is conservation of resources based on phony global warming myths.  Smart Meters for water are particularly disturbing because there is a master kill switch on the grid and water is essential for life every day.


1.  Smart meters monitor you, your appliances and energy usage minute-by-minute. Smart Meters have no energy saving properties- their sole purpose is to change your behavior.

2.  Smart Meters communicate with the Smart Grid which portions out energy loads and discourages use during peak hours.  Smart Grids have the capability of turning the power off to your home, street and city.  The Smart Grid is promoted for the following reasons:

•  Save energy- this can be accomplished by charging you more, particularly during peak hours.
•  Ensure privacy- this is a lie, the purpose is to snoop on you: Smart Meters and people who hack into them can tell when you’re not home.
•  Shrink bills- this is another lie as most people see an increase in charges for these dangerous devices.
•  Improved security- a centralized system is more vulnerable to damage when hacked or attacked.

3.  Super Grids: Most states are on a consolidated Super Grid managed by the Department of Energy(DOE).


The DOE received $30 billion in funding from Obama’s stimulus package to implement tyrannical global warming policies like Smart Grids that are ultimately controlled by the federal government.  The Super Grid has a backdoor kill switch that could cut electricity to entire states with the flick of a switch.

California lost its energy independence after the Enron debacle; when Enron was banished, California  joined the DOE Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) Super Grid that “services” 15 states.  This occurred after Enron soaked California for $9 billion by interrupting power one transmission line (Path 15)!  Path 15 was upgraded for $300 million.

4. Smart Grids are a federal program, so the States can reject Smart Grids.  But many states took the stimulus money bribes and made secret contracts with the federal government.

Obama’s stimulus earmarked $4.5 billion for Smart Grid implementation.  The top 10 states that sold out are California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.  Obama’s stimulus, financed by your tax dollars, is being used to kill you as Smart Meters emit RF microwave radiation and dirty electricity.

5.  Smart Grids are expected to generate $170 billion in worldwide sales by 2014.

The biggest supporters of the Smart Grid are corporations who stand to benefit from building the infrastructure: IBM, GE, Hewlett Packard, Siemens, Google, Toshiba, Microsoft, ABB and Cisco.

Environmental organizations such as the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) also support Smart grids.  Most (if not all) of the large environmental organizations are controlled opposition that pretend to act on the behalf of the environment but are really funded by the controlling elite who fund them- NRDC was created through the Ford Foundation.

6.  Technocracy is government by scientists, engineers and experts.  The endgame for Smart Grids is control through measuring and monitoring your every move.  Patrick Wood explains in detail the history and intent of Technocratic control and an economy based on resources.  Technocracy through Smart Grids can only exist as long through measuring and monitoring individuals and a persistent belief in the global warming fairy tale.  Wood’s articles can be read here:

A Technocratic economy can use excessive charges as a punishment for people who use too many resources.  Incrementally, this system could conceivably turn into a resource based negative economy where people are given daily, weekly or monthly rations of water and energy.

Patrick Wood also explains that Capitalism will be blamed for the destruction of our economy.  The Federal Reserve fiat money system and its legal tender laws are the opposite of a Capitalist free market.  Corporate monopolies can only exist through government regulations and Public-Private Partnerships are on the rise- these entities are the opposite of free market Capitalism.  A true free market has zero regulations EXCEPT to protect people’s lives, liberty and property (the proper role of government).  So, what we have now is the opposite of free market Capitalism.

Because people are waking up to the illusion of the fiat money system based on money created out of thin air, the bankers are plotting to move toward a resource based economy.  Technocracy is a highly controlled form of negative exchange based on resources.


Rob States’ excellent presentation ‘The Dark Side of Smart Meters’ covers the potentially lethal effects of Smart Meters as they emit both RF microwave radiation and dirty electricity that have been shown to cause cancer and heart disease.

He references the ‘Childhood Cancer in the Vicinity of of the Sutro Tower, San Francisco’ study that can be read here:

Dirty electricity or electric pollution is another danger that can lead to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and suicide.  Dr. Sam Milham, author of ‘Dirty Electricity’, is a physician and epidemiologist who has studied this issue extensively.  You can read his recent papers about the health effects of dirty electricity at his website Sam

Smart Meters likely emit 100 times the amount of cumulative whole body exposure to microwave radiation than that of a cell phone.  You can read an article and watch a video with Daniel Hirsch, a nuclear policy expert at UC Santa Cruz who explains how tests were manipulated here.

Most utility industry studies only account for one Smart Meter on a home, but with the addition of natural gas and water Smart Meters, the risks are tripled.  And imagine the effects from clusters of Smart Meters on apartment houses!


The federal government has enormous control over the States with the DOE’s Super Grid.  The federal government spent billion in bribe money to States to accept Smart Grids and Smart Meters in opposition of public health and interest.  Huge technology corporations stand to benefit by $170 billion a year.  Utilities will make a killing.

These facts make our future look very bleak.

However, without Smart Meters, the Smart Grid system falls apart.

•  Man-made global warming is a lie, and thanks to NASA, we have further proof that the UN’s climate computer model “science” is false.  Global warming is the primary excuse for Smart Meters.

•  Public awareness and is growing.  45 Local governments in California oppose Smart Meters and 10 of these cities and counties have ordinances banning them.

•  California’s Public Utility Commission (CPUC) claims authority over over Smart Grids and Smart Meters.  The individuals on the CPUC board can be sued for making unseen contracts with the federal government, utilities and corporations.

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