The Rioting Underclass: Product of a Diseased Culture

Pressure from above, pressure from below; It’s about eviscerating the middle class by manipulating them to demand their own enslavement

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet

The riots that have gripped London and swept other major cities in the UK are the product of a diseased culture that leads to violence and mayhem which ultimately only serves to benefit the ruling elite in its bid to eviscerate the middle class by manipulating them to demand their own enslavement.

Firstly, anyone who truly believes that the rioters are burning and looting to protest any legitimate grievances, at least ones that they are consciously aware of, needs their head examined.

A BBC video clip features audio of a group of drunk teenage girls describing how fun it is to engage in wanton violence and thieving. In a transparent and moronic attempt to justify their actions, the girls begin babbling about “the government….conservatives or whatever….I don’t know,” before responding to a question about why they are attacking local residents of their own community by snorting, “It’s the rich people, the people that have got businesses and that’s why all of this happened because of rich people.”

Those “rich people” include a local family-owned furniture store in Croydon that survived two world wars yet has now been burned to the ground, a charity shop that raises revenue for the elderly, and a cat rescue center based in Enfield, amongst scores of other homes, charities and small businesses owned by innocent and far from “rich” people.

To claim that these disaffected youths are the vanguard of some organic revolutionary movement is completely asinine. If this is a genuine backlash against the establishment, why are the mobs not congregating around Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament or Buckingham Palace, the real culprits of Britain’s economic degradation. Why instead are they busy filling trolleys full of tennis shoes, mobile phones, along with plentiful supplies of booze and cigarettes from tiny local off-licenses?

The rioters are composed predominantly of nihilistic, aggressive, vapid and intellectually castrated youths that have come to represent the very term “broken Britain”.

This is like a bad zombie movie – it’s the rise of the idiots. The plague started in Tottenham. It rapidly spread to other areas of London, and soon the hordes were rampaging around major cities nationwide. But these zombies weren’t scavenging for brains, they were in search of JD Sports chav-wear, 40 inch TVs and iPads. The police stood by and watched. The petrified public welcomed troops on the streets, curfews, more surveillance and control with open arms. Thanks a lot, idiots.

The cause of this mayhem cannot be traced to any legitimate political grievance, it is almost entirely the product of a diseased culture, fostered by multinational corporations and the celebrity-obsessed entertainment industry, that brainwashes young people to aspire to lifestyles they can never possibly attain.

The social decline of young people becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as a result of constant media fascination with demonizing youngsters and presenting them with a putrid diet of “heroes,” vacuous footballers and drug-addled musicians, whose behavior makes impressionable kids think that life revolves around being constantly trashed, engaging in amoral sexual conquests and proving their manhood by pointless displays of animal-like aggression.

MTV-manufactured rap icons, movies and video games have trained an entire generation of disadvantaged kids to grow up as wannabe gangsters, marauding around town with their jeans half-way down their thighs in huge mobs intimidating the public. Rampant consumerism is also to blame. Deprived kids on benefits cannot afford the iPods and laptops they are told they must own to be accepted by their peers, so an opportunity like this cannot be wasted. As the Guardian reports today, “Where we used to be defined by what we did, now we are defined by what we buy. These big stores are in the business of tempting [the consumer] and then suddenly these people find they can just walk into the shop and have it all.”

This army of Clockwork Orange-style droogs are then played off against the general public who, suitably terrified by the media’s incessant hyping of the problem, openly welcome troops on the streets, more surveillance, curfews and whatever else is necessary ‘just to keep us safe’.

But if the last few nights have proven nothing else, they have proven that the police and the authorities cannot keep us safe. Almost every eyewitness who described the violence and looting said the police sat back and did nothing.

The establishment only benefits from allowing the chaos to spread because the call from the public for a more brutal response gets louder and louder. Now Parliament has been recalled for one day to ensure the opportunity to pass more draconian legislation that will only impact law-abiding people is not passed up.

This is how the middle class is habitually manipulated to support the very police state that is ultimately used to oppress the middle class itself. It’s also a perfect example of pressure from below – the cultural cultivation of an underclass of yobs who are let loose by the system to generate the crisis it needs to clamp down with an iron fist.

We all need to wake up and realize we are being played off against each other by an establishment that craves the kind of pointless rioting we have seen over the last three nights, because it creates the perfect pretext for the establishment to entrench and expand its power in the name of safety and security.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

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