Radioactive Rain In Toronto Canada As Large Scale Government Cover Up Of Radiation Dangers Exposed

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An independent radiation test in Toronto Canada has revealed startling levels of radiation just days after famed nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen claimed that radioactive rain would continue to hit the west coast for upwards of a year.

The radiation test was conducted with what looks to be a quality Geiger counter by a knowledgeable citizen.

A similar independent test taken last week in Oklahoma City also revealed dangerous levels of radiation in the rain.

Oklahoma health officials confirmed that they had indeed viewed the “alarming” video which showed the test and were currently looking into it further.

DEQ monitors the air and ‘does not sample rain water.’

On August 13, nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen appeared on the SolarIMG podcast where he stated that radiation is falling in the rain due to the burning of radioactive materials in Fukushima which is estimated to last for at least a year.

Gundersen also confirmed that various US. government agencies have indeed been carrying out a large scale cover up operation in which they have continually downplayed the dangers posed by the Fukushima meltdowns.

‘Gundersen has a high-level contact in the State Department who says that the U.S. government has decided – within various agencies, including the State Department, FDA, and other agencies – to downplay the dangers from Fukushima. Because of this policy decision, the government is not really testing for radiation,’ reported Washington’s Blog.

This is a fact that The Intel Hub and numerous other quality alternative news outlets have reported and feared from the beginning.

Consider this – Just days after the earthquake and tsunami rocked Japan The Intel Hub was reporting that at least one meltdown HAD occurred while the corporate media and Internet trolls continually claimed this was not the case.

Of course confirmation that we were correct came months later when the corporate media was finally forced to admit the truth. In fact, we now have confirmation that a full-scale meltdown actually happened BEFORE the tsunami hit!

As you can see, due to the fact that the U.S. government and various other governments throughout the world have implemented this policy of downplaying the risks, the public isn’t given the vital information necessary to protect themselves until months later.

This radiation cover-up is an absolute travesty and will surely go down as one of the most stunning government cover-ups of all time.

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