New Answer to ADD and ADHD: Accelerated Education

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Beth Rosen
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Hyperdrive or Hyperactivity?

Many children who are medicated for ADD (attention deficit disorder) and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) are actually geniuses who are completely bored with an education system that is just too slow and antiquated to stimulate their fast-moving brains. Who can blame them?  Remember how bored and easily distracted you were back when you were in school? And there was hardly anything that interesting to distract you – maybe a bird landing on the window sill, kids passing love-notes back and forth, or the class clown pulling some girl’s pigtails or throwing paper airplanes behind the teacher’s back.

Can you imagine being a kid today with iphones, ipods, mp3 players, computers, the internet, Facebook, Twitter,  computer games, texting, email and thousands of cable channels?  How could some old fashioned teacher who keeps everyone stagnating at the same slow pace, reading the same old theoretical text books, hold a candle to the exciting cutting edge of technology that constantly stimulates the brain and soul hungry for change, growth and knowledge?

When you get right down to it, children are antsy in school because they’re anxious to make a quantum leap while they’re being forced to stay seated in a chair and look at a blackboard as someone drones on and on about stuff they will never need or use in their lifetime. Why not steer them in the right direction since they’re amped up to go into hyperdrive instead of cutting off their life force by “curing” their “hyperactivity?”

Accelerated Education Not Medication

Education needs to be revamped and fast so it can catch up to the 21st century and the needs of our rapidly evolving children. The last thing we should be doing is putting kids to sleep with medication so they’re on par with an education system that is asleep and lagging behind the technological revolution sweeping the planet. Instead we should be waking them up, along with the teachers, by using exciting accelerated learning techniques that peak their interest, speak to their soul and use the myriad of exciting new technology and social media now at our fingertips.

I recommend that you explore accelerated learning and use it to teach yourself and your children until the education system catches up. It is multi-faceted, employs all the senses, uses creative teaching methods and actively involves students so that they resonate with the subject matter and enjoy the process. It not only enhances retention and performance, but gives students an opportunity to experience life-changing transformation rather than just receiving useless information. When used correctly and geared at the whole person, accelerated learning helps individuals tap into their unique infinite power, creativity and soul purpose.

Recommended Video: Changing Education Paradigms

This is a fascinating video and extremely well-done. I have never seen someone capture the essence of this problem so dynamically and eloquently while being so entertaining. I highly recommend it.

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