Institutionalized robbery of the American people: the Pentagon criminal elite

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Many people in the so-called truth movement have long known about the $2.3 trillion that went mysteriously missing on September 10th, 2001. This, of course, was all but completely ignored by the mainstream media and most of America forgot about it in the wake of the devastating attack.

What has happened in the nearly 10 years since this announcement? Has the Pentagon made any changes or are they still “losing” money left and right by the trillion?

Unfortunately for every single average American who has to pay hefty taxes (unlike the ultra-rich, the corporations that are tied in to our so-called government and billionaire hedge fund managers) there have been no changes made whatsoever.

One might be able to argue successfully that it has actually gotten worse and that the Pentagon and the entire national security apparatus has ramped up their systematic pilfering of the hard-earned Americans’ cash.

In the wake of the September 11th, 2001 attacks a brand new megalithic system was born. This was the Department of Homeland Security and the countless bodies which it controls or is affiliated with. If you are American, or have even visited the United States post-9/11, you have assuredly experienced the total police state that has arisen.

With the TSA systematically molesting children and humiliating 95-year-old terminal cancer patients and citizens with the mental capacity of a 2-year-old, Nazi-Germany-esque checkpoints, warrantless wiretapping on an unprecedented scale, institutionalized torture, and so much more, it is absolutely impossible to not recognize the horrific beast the United States government has now become.

As a patriotic American that loves everything America should stand for, I find it deeply troubling that more people in the United States are not fighting back against this behemoth system that is economically and physically raping what could be a wonderful nation.

One of the biggest culprits in the criminal national security apparatus is the Pentagon.

I truly wish I could say that the $2.3 trillion in missing funds was a fluke or one-off ordeal, but this would be a bald-faced lie.

I don’t want to hate the Pentagon and everything it is in involved in, but I would be delusional to support a single thing that goes on or comes out of that wretched building.

I cannot speak for you, reader, but I would assume that you do not support your tax money being siphoned from a withering public education system and other crucial social programs to the pockets of the elite.

If you do support this, I would be fascinated to hear your explanation and rationalization for this, so please do not hesitate to e-mail me at to tell me how I am an un-American traitor and whatnot.

I, for one, see it as un-American to sit idly by while a group of criminals rob our dirt-poor country blind in the name of security, freedom and democracy.

There are a few facts that we must address in order to understand what is really wrong with the Pentagon and by proxy the entire national security machine which has the unfortunate effect of making us less secure in the long-run by propping up evil regimes in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and elsewhere while enacting regime change in Syria, Libya and throughout the world.

A conservative estimate would place the annual American military expenditure at 40% of the entire world’s military budget. I am not sure if this statistic includes the dubious “black budget” spending which is larger than most nations’ entire military budget.

The entire concept of a budget that is never audited or accounted for is, unarguably, undemocratic and completely opposed to the concept of a free and open society. When billions of our dollars are taken from our pockets (with the threat of imprisonment, no less) to never be seen again, I must take issue.

Our military budget is over $700 billion per year (again, conservatively) which makes up more than 1/5th of our entire Federal budget.

As the author and journalist Stephen Glain points out, there are major problems with the Pentagon that will make budget cuts difficult.

Due to these impediments, it is likely that like in other European nations, austerity measures will be put in place to cut the deficit which strip the social safety net but keep the money flowing into the military-industrial complex and their bankster allies.

Some of the obstacles to cutting the absurdly large and highly opaque Pentagon budget are:

  1. Growing obligations due to pension and medical insurance plans and a growing liability for civilian contractors. A mere 10 years ago the expenditure on civilian employees was $15 billion, now it is a whopping $60 billion. This shows the massive growth of the national security industry that has brought America to the edge of total collapse, over which we are currently looking.
  2. Outright theft, or as some like to call it “accounting problems” which result in literally trillions in missing funds. Glain says that it is well over $10 trillion in our money since financial accounting for the Pentagon first began in 1991.  A Daily Ticker article says that “Conspiracy theorists suggest this is CIA money being laundered through the Pentagon, a claim Glain has some sympathy for.” However, I think it is foolish to think the CIA would need to launder money through the Pentagon when they have such a thoroughly documented and successful global drug trade under their control.
  3. The last major stumbling block on the rocky road to recovery and reduction of military expenditure is our unnecessary wars across the globe. The article, unsurprisingly, only mentions “operations in Iraq and Afghanistan” which, if ceased, would “instantly save the defense department $180 billion per year.” What about Yemen? Libya? Pakistan? What about the funds being funneled into Syria? Venezuela? Acting as if the United States is only involved in Iraq and Afghanistan is nothing short of ignorant if not outright deceitful. Not to mention the covert operations that occur constantly throughout the globe that we never catch wind of.

The simple fact is that the Pentagon is a criminal cabal of thieves, murderers, liars and cheats.

Oh, I forgot to mention they actively enable the distribution and purchase of child pornography while halting investigations into the criminals behind it who include “top staffers” and individuals with top-level security clearance and up to 5,200 Department of Defense employees (1,700 of which were never cross-checked in the investigation).

It is hard to believe that all of these demented individuals could fit under one roof, but it is undeniable that this is the case.

Every American needs to wake up from their slumber and realize that we have a group of disgusting, immoral criminal thugs robbing us blind in the name of our security while participating in undermining every free nation on earth and engaging in such horrific activities as child pornography, child sex-trafficking, drug trafficking, and murder.

We must refuse to give these people a single cent until they can follow through with investigating every single person in the Pentagon and account for every penny they have “lost” or spent since the Pentagon’s establishment.

Every American man woman and child needs to realize that we are not on the hook for the moneys pent by these corrupt individuals and we cannot allow a single dollar to be pilfered from crucial social programs in the name of security, freedom, or any other deceptive buzzword.

I am going to continue this series exposing the Pentagon and the criminals involved in their enterprise, if you have any information or research that can help me in this, please contact me immediately at and help strip these thugs of their power by ripping away their veil of secrecy.

Madison Ruppert is the Editor and Owner-Operator of the alternative news and analysis database End The Lie and has no affiliation with any NGO, political party, economic school, or other organization/cause. If you have questions, comments, or corrections feel free to contact him at
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