Even the mainstream media is now admitting “waves of disinformation” in Libya

Second son of Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Recently I covered the constant disinformation published by a Syrian “journalist” and editor of the American-funded anti-Syrian propaganda network out of London, England, Barada TV.  This blatant (and admitted) politicized disinformation was just the beginning.

Thankfully, the mainstream media can no longer pretend that they are getting reliable information from their “sources” and are now being forced to address this, all too late in my opinion.

Hopefully this revelation of politicized disinformation’s role in the so-called “Arab Spring” will temper some of the sensationalist reports of civilian murders carried out by Middle Eastern governments that are totally unconfirmed and come solely from “activist” groups.

I sincerely hope that journalists around the globe can learn something from running with unconfirmed reports coming from a single side of a political conflict.

Of course, the New York Times article entitled “Waves of Disinformation and Confusion Swamp the Truth in Libya” focuses mostly on the disinformation promoted by Gaddafi and those loyal to him, instead of the blatant lies pushed by rebel forces and promoted by U.S. agents like Malik Al-Abdeh and other “journalists” with ulterior motives.

Most of the claims coming from the rebel forces have been proven totally false.

Muammar Gaddafi was not killed, nor was he captured, nor was he ever en route to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Saif al-Islam Muammar al-Gaddafi, Gaddafi’s second son, was never en route to the ICC, which was even claimed by ICC officials themselves.

As Tony Cartalucci pointed out, the ICC has actually claimed that they never confirmed that Saif al-Islam was in custody.

In fact, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, an ICC prosecutor, confirmed this to the Telegraph, but Reuters is now laughably asserting that no such claim was ever made.

Cartalucci aptly sums up this massive confusion and disinformation among the media in one sentence, “ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo should resign, so should editors at both the Telegraph and Reuters and a myriad of other media agencies complicit in spreading this willful and malicious propaganda.” I couldn’t agree more.

There is an escalation of the psychological warfare techniques being used by the rebels and the mainstream media in order to give the appearance of a rebel victory in Libya.

Malik Al-Abdeh attempted to justify these lies by saying that they were only lying in order to encourage the defection of loyalist forces, and I am sure we can see similar attempts at damage control from the mainstream Western media as well.

Hilariously, the New York Times actually blames the lies of the rebels on Gaddafi. They claim that they are pumping out disinformation because “he is the only leader they ever knew.”

Apparently the rebels could never be responsible for their own actions as it all falls on the shoulders of Gaddafi, no matter how farfetched such a notion might be in the mind of any rational human being.

The New York Times claims that the completely falsified reports of the capture of Saif al-Islam are, “A case in point” without managing to elucidate how this is at all based on Gaddafi’s “vision, and version, of reality.” Instead they just leave that statement without any explanation, likely hoping that the reader will take it at face value, regardless of the complete lack of all rationale behind it.

The Telegraph, the above mentioned London newspaper that published the illegitimate claims made by the ICC prosecutor and the rebels, is quoted in the New York Times article attempting to mitigate the fallout from their discredited reporting that has irreparably scarred the so-called news agency.

Rob Crilly attempts, and fails, to do this by writing, “It’s a timely reminder that Twitter, 24-hour rolling news channels and satphones are still useless against the fog of war”.

Apparently, thorough fact-checking and proper reporting is still useless as well, or at least it is out of the realm of possibility for the Telegraph to actually check out the claims being made and the legitimacy of the sources making them.

The article also mentions the disinformation being published heavily in the early days of the brutal NATO assault on civilians in Libya as seemingly “intended to reassure queasy domestic audiences that a quick victory was possible.”

Unfortunately for the NYT and other mainstream news outlets publishing these lies, few people in the world could toss aside their knowledge of recent history and the colonial-imperialist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to buy these claims.

Echoing the statements coming from George W. Bush years ago in which he essentially said that he no longer cared about Osama bin Laden and that he was no longer important, NATO spokesman Colonel Roland Lavoie said, “I’m not sure [Gaddafi’s whereabouts] really [do] matter.”

The NYT article also mentions that, regardless of the complete absence of proof, the ICC is pursuing an investigation of the allegations made by rebel forces that loyalist troops were issued Viagra in order to carry out systematic rape of Libyans.

Interestingly, the most accurate facts of the situation are presented in the last four paragraphs of the article on the second page. This is likely because most readers do not have the time or patience to make it that far.

In one of the last articles they mention the racist claims coming from the rebels (which they characterize as having “racist overtones” which is laughable, at best) that Gaddafi has been using African mercenaries in his resistance of the uprising.

I must point out that when the mainstream media says “African” they mean black. This is obviously an attempt to be politically correct, but it is also massively inaccurate seeing as literally every single Libyan is African, given that is an African nation.

The NYT accurately points out that although there have supposedly been African prisoners of war captured by the rebel forces, journalists have never been allowed to see them.

Like I have pointed out in the past, the NYT correctly identifies the fact that there are black guest workers, mostly Chadian, who have come to Libya in search of poorly paid jobs as migrant laborers which are being inaccurately labeled as mercenaries. Tragically, many of these innocent migrant workers have been killed and arrested simply for being black.

I sincerely hope that we can see some accurate information emerge from either side of this conflict, as I am getting more distrustful and disillusioned by the day, as I’m sure many readers are as well.

If you have any tips, articles, or feedback on this situation please e-mail me immediately at admin@endthelie.com

Madison Ruppert is the Editor and Owner-Operator of the alternative news and analysis database End The Lie and has no affiliation with any NGO, political party, economic school, or other organization/cause. If you have questions, comments, or corrections feel free to contact him at admin@EndtheLie.com
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