As Libyan rebels are falling apart at the seams, Gaddafi regime remains unfazed by NATO campaign

Mahmoud Jibril

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

For months now the Libyan rebels have been infighting and progressively moving toward total discontinuity. Like I have been saying since the beginning, this was never as cut-and-dried as the mainstream media made it out to be.

The notion that an unelected body who declares itself the sole legitimate representation for an entire nation could be remotely legitimate is laughable at best.

The fact is, the Libyan people never voted for these rebels and many do not support them. If the people of Libya were actually behind these self-declared rulers, how could they assemble such a massive pro-Gaddafi demonstration in the Libyan capital of Tripoli?

To put it in perspective, what if during a period of intense civil unrest in the United States a group of a few elites declared themselves the sole representatives of our entire nation?

Then, to make matters worse, much of the international community steps behind them, providing financial and lethal aid?

As if the situation couldn’t get any more ridiculous, then international community would then start bombing the legitimate leader along with civilians in areas that support the actual government.

This is what is currently going on in Libya. The Turks have officially recognized the Libyan rebels, of which we know very little, and the United States has declared they will unfreeze Gaddafi’s assets (which belong to the Libyan people, not the self-elected rebel council) and hand over this illegally obtained money to the rebels.

If any outside observers were still convinced that there was a consensus in Libya and that the rebels were a unified force with the backing of the Libyan people, this delusion should now be completely shattered.

As the rebels continually prove themselves incapable of removing Gaddafi from his position, they have now shown the world that they can’t even manage to hold themselves together as a leadership group.

This is quite telling for the future (or lack thereof) in store for the rebels and the Libyan people if these incompetent self-declared leaders are put in positions of real power.

On Monday, the so-called Prime Minister of the Transitional National Council, Mahmoud Jibril, dissolved the rebel cabinet. He is now the only rebel leader holding a job in the Council.

This was, according to a spokesperson for the rebels, due to the “improper administrative procedures” that directly led to the murder of former Libyan commander and defector General Abdul Fattah Younes.

This event revealed the massive rift between certain groups of rebels, especially the rebels in the East and West of Libya.

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If these rebels are already having so much trouble being a cohesive unit when they are not even in power, how can anyone expect them to be able to run a country with any semblance of competence?

The Transitional National Council is now claiming that they are investigating the death of the former General while organizing a new executive board for the Council.

No deadline has been given for the assembly of this new rebel leadership committee but a rebel spokesperson claims that “the new members are expected to be announced soon.”

If I was a supporter of the rebels in Libya I would be very worried about the future of this rag-tag gang of al Qaeda affiliates and globalist stooges.

As Zaid Akl, an analyst for Libya at the Ahram Center in Cairo, Egypt, points out, “It would be very naive to think Libya would be unified and united under one opinion or one banner. This will not happen. Libya was always divided under three regions.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is the flawed and wholly ignorant thinking that is dominating the international community’s dialogue on Libya.

The entire reason that Gaddafi’s regime worked for so long and why they are having so much trouble deposing him is because he is well aware of the socio-political realities in his own nation.

In order to keep peace and security for all Libyans and to avoid conflict, he allowed tribes to essentially self-govern the regions they commanded power over.

If the TNC and the already barely cohesive rebels demand that every tribe march under their banner with their goals in mind, this entire “revolution” will be more of a failure than the so-called revolution in Egypt.

These globalist funded and fomented pseudo-revolutions across the Middle East dubbed the “Arab Spring” continue to flounder and falter. Unless the international community continues to invade and drop “humanitarian” bombs on all of these nations, these Western-backed revolts are all but guaranteed to fizzle out.

I am not saying that the people participating in these revolutions do not have legitimate problems with their governments or that their governments are necessarily legitimate for that matter.

I am simply saying that it is an irrefutable fact that the West has been backing these opposition forces and is a blatant violation of the Vienna Conventions to expel the actual representatives of Libya from embassies to replace them with the self-declared rebel leadership.

As The Tripoli Post detailed in an article published today, the Libyan government (that is the actual government) condemned the UK’s actions in recognizing the rebels as the “sole governmental authority” of Libya.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary, William Hague, has transferred the Libyan embassies in Britain to the rebel leadership, essentially stealing Libyan government property and handing it over to a band of Western-backed, murderous rebels.

In no way can this be seen as anything other than theft and a violation of the Vienna Conventions, and as the Libyan government’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Khaled Kaim, pointed out it is “unprecedented in diplomatic history” not to mention “illegal, and irresponsible.”

Kaim has announced that the Libyan government is going to attempt to reverse Britain’s illegal theft of Libyan property by taking legal action both in the British court system as well as in the International Court of Justice.

It would be very unlikely that either the UK courts or the International Court of Justice would back up the rights of the actual Libyan government at this stage in the so-called revolution, regardless of the fact that the rebels have made little to no progress over several months.

We can only hope that the international community will come to their senses and stop being a hypocritical, selective enforcer of international law.

We must demand that selective enforcement cease and a real inquiry must be carried out into what the Libyan people want, instead of the international community backing self-declared leaders who might or might not have any backing among the people of Libya.

Madison Ruppert is the Editor and Owner-Operator of the alternative news and analysis database End The Lie and has no affiliation with any NGO, political party, economic school, or other organization/cause. If you have questions, comments, or corrections feel free to contact him at [email protected]
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