The Pusher and the Popper


Drugs have always been an integral part of human recreation, and served as a business opportunity to many others.  Pushers in the ’60s and ’70s became famous for turning many people onto new drugs.   There was no charge for a “taste” or sample of their product.  These innocent and uninformed people will try the drugs, like the drugs, want more of the drugs, and come back to the pushers hungry for more . . . ultimately, creating addicts that buy their drugs over and over again, without really knowing or caring about what exactly these drugs are doing to their bodies.  Why? Because it feels good, it’s an escape, and it helps to ease the “pain”.  Hmmm . . . this cycle sounds familiar to me . . . .

Pushers, and the successful drug trade in general, also got the attention of the government, who noticed their clever marketing ideas. In the early ’70s, as an answer to the growth in popularity and untaxed profits, the U.S. announced the War on Drugs.  In other words, they created a conflict and sold a message that street drugs were bad and the cause of crime.  With the masses believing this was a “worthy” cause, they willingly paid higher taxes to fund this so called “war”.

In actuality, this action by our government has only increased the public’s access to drugs.  This 40-year-old “war” ha a current annual cost to the taxpayer of around $18 billion; this is just to chase and catch the offenders.  After spending all those billions our government then spends billions more in the justice and penal system, housing, feeding, and providing medical care to prisoners at an average cost of $40,000 a year.  Maybe if we stopped funding this insurmountable war our government could start providing food, shelter, and medical care to needy citizens who obey the law, but have fallen on hard times.  When are we going to make a change?  It is time to stop supporting the criminals, and let’s start helping those in need! 

Instead, we live with a system were little by little people’s rights and privacy have been taken away in the name of patriotism and justice. Whose patriotism and what justice?  Innocent lives, our rights, and cash are the collateral damage of this clash.  Why, and for what purpose?

If the government creates a “problem” and they convince people to be afraid of that problem, like drugs for example, they are more willing to give up their rights out of fear.  What word conjures fear in the hearts of all humans more than war?  War mongering and fear mongering go hand in hand; this was a master stroke by our government to further distract the masses in order to gain more control through F.E.A.R. — False Evidence Appearing Real.

This is exactly what has happened and continues to happen.  These controlling forces use the media (which they own and control) to create false evidence; in this case they make it appear that street drugs are bad and addictive.  In reality, pharmaceuticals are just as addictive and hazardous to health.  Corporations commercialize their lies through crafty salesmen, who are paid very large salaries, to convince the masses to believe their non-sense.  Part of the marketing campaign is to create fear toward “those other drugs”.  Human nature does the rest; the masses then blame these “bad drug pushers”, who have been conveniently targeted by the media.  This helps create further chaos in society, which increases governmental control, essentially granting pharmaceutical corporations a monopoly on drugs.   

Look, I’m not on the side of the “bad guys” or the cartels; I think getting people hooked on any drug is terrible, but these “good guys” are getting people hooked on drugs too!  As if that wasn’t enough, innocent people are used as cannon fodder in the government’s war for power, which is played out on our public streets and in our neighborhoods. 

Hiding under the guise of “savior” and “protectors”, the government fools people into giving up even more of their rights to restore “security”.  The same controlling forces that caused the chaos in the first place, are now increasing their control and power over the population. Various governmental leaders have convinced the masses, that it is necessary to have your phone calls monitored and normal to have your car ripped apart and searched with no explanation; it’s just part of the routine, and necessary for your safety.  Get used to it! 
As far as the purpose behind the War on Drugs it’s complicated, because there are many levels, and trillions of dollars involved, but the basic levels of operation can be broken down as follows:

Level One: Create a revenue stream and learn the inner workings of the drug trade in order to take out the competition.  Create a false war and raise taxes to gain the venture capital to fund their study and corporate take over of the drug trade.

Level Two: Vilify the street/recreational drugs and drug dealers. Confiscate money and drugs that are “dirty”. Clean up the drugs, synthesize them and give them creative new names with F.D.A. approval!

Level Three: The corporate takeover and legalization of their new “prescription” drugs through clever corporate-packaging and marketing campaigns aimed to “help” the masses.

Level Four: Take all the money, knowledge, and influence; use it to spread the franchise for further profit.  Their influence is the media, the knowledge is used to create addicts, and the money comes rolling in….

Level Five: Repeat. They’re still learning and expanding! 

So here we are.  Our leaders learned something from the competitive drug market, declared war on their  “enemies”, and now we pay the bill.  Their media helps sell a negative image of street drugs.  Then, they turn around and open their own drug operation called “pharmaceuticals”, and create addicts out of the same citizens they claim to be protecting.  The best and biggest pay-off of all, the government now profits off both sides of the drug trade! 

Now, massive corporations have become the drug lords, and doctors are often used as the pushers.  Doctors always know what’s best for their patients after all; they’ve been to medical school and are just trying to help people – right? Innocent people walk into doctors’ appointments, explain a few symptoms, and a sample is given to them.  They go home, uninformed, but trusting in their highly educated doctor, and decide to give it a “taste”. When their body has a negative side effect, or they feel strange, they call their doctor, who responds with, “oh no, that’s normal just pop by the office tomorrow and I’ll adjust your dose and give you some more free samples.”  They trust their doctors, wait for their body to adjust to its new chemical addiction, and now they’re hooked. That sounds criminal to me, creating an addict out of innocent people for profit. I’m not judging the millions of people on prescription drugs either – we should all be free to choose.  I’m stressing the hypocrisy in the current system that judges and condemns their definition of “criminals” for conducting business under the very same model, selling in many cases the exact same product. 

It’s time to stop trying to govern the drug trade and start educating people about all forms of drugs, including herbal alternatives – and the effects all drugs have on our bodies.  When we treat all drugs as a choice of the individual and put education first – we’ll have true freedom!

Whatever options we are told to have by people in positions of authority, we can always choose to say ‘no,’ even though the consequences for doing so may seem frightening. 

Being alert to our own interests, and having the simple courage to say ‘no’ in accordance with personal judgment, can mean the difference between wanting freedom and actually being free.  Remember that the next time your doctor offers you free samples of an easy cure.

Quoted from the article Is The Pharmaceutical Cure Part of the Disease?  by Sigmund Fraud, which this article was written in response to. 

Please visit 1MAN’s blog at One Sided Opinion for his unique perspective  

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