The Orwellian World of Chemtrails

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Zen Gardner
Before It’s News

Chemtrails are a lot like 9/11. Either people get it or they don’t. They’re open and willing to see things for how they really are, or they’re not. It’s so obvious and in your face once you become aware of either chemtrails or 9/11, or a host of other truths, that you start to truly see the imagined “normal” world as upside down and backwards.

Orwell got that this complete reversal of truth would be the method of the Controllers. It’s thought by many that he, like Aldous Huxley, were insiders to the Illuminati’s plan, but who were either blowing the whistle on this planned future, or were actually tools being used to teach future elites as well as pre-program the world to accept such a totalitarian state and its attributes.

Either way, they both nailed the future, the world in which we now find ourselves.

Chemtrail Conditioning

Just as we were pre-programmed to blame Muslim terrorists for extreme acts of violence leading up to the watershed staged event of 9/11, so we’re being conditioned to accept these persistent contrails as being “normal“. The fact that the word “chemtrail” is considered a sign of lunacy attests to the successful media barrage used to implant and reinforce the very Orwellian process that’s been foisted upon us. If you trace most of the “taboo words” in this political correctness strangulation you’ll find a lot of other important truths you’re not allowed to even touch.

So, along with getting used to seeing your skies streaked and sunny days dimmed as you develop asthma for no apparent reason, you might as well know the weatherman is in on it. After all, all weather reporting since 2004 goes through a central office near Washington run by….the Raytheon Corporation…one of the biggest war machine outfits on the planet.

And today we’ve been sprayed again here in Dallas. On what would have been blue skies we’re now seeing a whiteish sheen appear after a series of these.  Funny, seems “there’s an app for that.”

So I checked my phone….now it makes sense.

Here’s the shot of the sky above me at the same time….

Blue, with a trace of chemtrails.

Oh, I get it, weatherman…they’re GONNA be partly cloudy, we just have to wait a bit for them to get the skies scribbled over! All for our welfare of course, although they can’t get much credit, since no one fesses up to doing all this.

Not just weird. Mindscrew Orwellian.

And Back to Orwell

So, we can add to War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength……Sprayed Skies are Normal Skies.

And let’s take a look at how they’re being normalized into society.

Again, truth is what you are told it is. Period. (Except to the awakened.)


Sorry, we’re being duped. Chemtrails are but a small part but a perfect illustration. When you start to realize how the entire illusion of society as you perceive it is a false, fabricated projection you’re starting to get close. It gets way deeper than that, but once on the trail, you’re home free…because a sincere, seeking heart will soon be a free heart….Keep on..there’s a team out there on your side already…!

Much love,

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