Man’s House Trashed Mafia Style By Thugs Hired By Mortgage Company (Video)

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A Brooksville, Florida man who fell behind on his mortgage payments had his home trashed and ransacked mafia style by paid thugs hired by his mortgage company.

This stunning attack on multiple Constitutional rights is apparently not important enough for the local police who have claimed this is a civil issue!
According to Altman, the woman from the mortgage company told him Florida is a “self help state,” and that’s why they are allowed to do this.

However, Altman explained he was holding the mortgage and Florida is not a self help state. He says he told the woman Florida has strict mortgage foreclosure laws and they were being violated by the company.

But the Hernando Sheriff’s Office apparently has no interest in enforcing those laws… or burglary, breaking and entering and trespassing, either. They say it is a civil matter, even though everything from the house was taken or thrown in the dumpster. The wedding dress belonging to Boudreau’s wife was even cut to shreds.

In a country where police routinely harass and beat up innocent civilians you would think that an obvious crime like this would warrant immediate police action.

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