Israeli Mossad’s international criminal activities revealed yet again

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Intelligence networks around the globe have a less-than-sparkling reputation, and a well-deserved one at that. The CIA has been busted for their  drug smuggling and production operations that still continue to this day, they have been recently connected with the assassination of an Afghan government official, and that is just the beginning.

However, it is not only the American Central Intelligence Agency that engages in questionable operations in sovereign nations without prior approval. Indeed Israel’s version of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mossad, has been caught around the world engaging in a wide range of illegal activities as well.

Most recently, it came out that Israeli citizens with multiple passports were personally ushered out of New Zealand by the Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand himself after the massive earthquake in Christchurch.

According to Paul Buchanan, a former Pentagon employee and intelligence officer trainer, it is likely that the four Israelis were in New Zealand attempting to obtain falsified passports. Buchanan says that due to New Zealand’s reputation as an autonomous and independent nation, their passports are more trusted than Israel’s.

This is no run-of-the-mill identity theft, as Buchanan revealed to Stuff, a news outlet in New Zealand, that these passports would be “used for very covert activities – nothing light.” One might be wondering what “nothing light” means in the world of covert intelligence. Buchanan tells us that these activities could include crimes as deplorable as assassinations.

Buchanan speculates that these four Israeli citizens were not actually Mossad agents, but instead sayanins, which is Hebrew for “helper,” who were tasked with gathering the fake identities for older, more experienced agents.

This is not the only questionable activity attributed to Israelis in New Zealand in the wake of the Christchurch disaster.

New Zealand’s Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS or SIS), the CIA of New Zealand, has been investigating other suspicious activity at the hands of Israelis and Israeli groups.

According to Stuff, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu called Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key four times on the day of the Christchurch earthquake.

Soon after the earthquake, Netanyahu’s administration claimed that the government of New Zealand had requested aid from Israel which they would happily provide.

Soon after, an unauthorized Israeli search and rescue team was ousted from the cordoned “red zone” of Christchurch by armed New Zealand police officers.

Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand, Shemi Tzur, claimed that the unaccredited search and rescue teams were sent by parents of the two backpacking Israeli citizens who perished in the disaster.

While Tzur denies that the four Israelis who were whisked out of New Zealand were anything other than vacationing young people who happened to have multiple passports, he does admit to some things which are highly suspicious.

Tzur says that he indeed personally chauffeured the three acquaintances of the deceased Israeli citizen Ofer Mizrahi to the airport immediately after the earthquake. He alleged that they received the special treatment because “they were shocked and crying and wanted to go home” and “were just talking about their friends.”

Tzur also tells us that to suspect anything else is the result of being fed “science fiction,” not the basic logical faculties that are required to see something amiss in this picture.

Tzur acknowledged that Mizrahi was carrying more than one passport but would not specify how many, for what countries, or if they were falsified identities.

He claims that he had not heard anything of Mizrahi being found with five or six passports and was upset by the notion that they were “anything other than young tourists.”

If Tzur actually wanted to reassure the people of New Zealand that they didn’t have murderous spies running around being specially treated by foreign diplomats during times of national crisis, he might have bothered to be a bit more specific in his claims.

One small but noteworthy piece to this puzzle is the fact that the Facebook tribute page for the deceased man allegedly named Ofer Mizrahi, supposedly a popular young man in his home nation, has garnered less than 10 comments and less than 30 “likes” at the time of access (July 21st, 2011).

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Fred Tulett, the author of the above-linked article about Ambassador Tzur that appeared in Stuff asked Tzur if he considered it strange that the tribute page on Facebook only received five “likes” in more than four months after the earthquake in Christchurch.

When confronted with this puzzling fact, Tzur brushed it off by saying that “different cultures reacted to tragedy in different ways.”

The notion of Ambassador Tzur being “upset” by an investigation into these suspicious circumstances is beyond absurd.

Even Tzur has to admit that in 2004 Mossad agents were busted for identity theft in New Zealand. However, he seems to be able to sweep it under the rug by saying, “they have apologized for that and we have put it beyond us. Now, we are moving forward.”

If I was a sovereign nation that was being infiltrated and extorted by foreign intelligence operatives and had hard evidence of their activities, I wouldn’t so easily accept an apology and move on.

What is stopping Israeli agents from continuing these activities? What evidence is there that it has ceased? Furthermore, what evidence exists that conclusively shows Mizrahi and the others were not involved with Israeli intelligence agencies?

In 2004 a plot was uncovered that involved four Israeli agents attempting to obtain a false identity for Israeli Zev Barkan, a suspected Mossad agent.

Two individuals were sentenced to a measly six months each for their part in the conspiracy and, interestingly, both of the men elaborately concealed their identities during trial. Not surprising, given that once the agents were released they were likely thrown right back into the fray in another nation under another assumed identity.

I do not think that the threat of six months in jail time is enough to deter the Israeli intelligence community from using New Zealand as a passport production facility for covert operations.

The identity theft operations being carried out by Israeli agents in New Zealand before and after the Christchurch earthquake is only part of the picture.

New Zealand’s SIS is apparently reviewing the national police computer system in order to determine if Israeli agents had breached the database in the wake of the earthquake.

It is feared that agents could have loaded advanced malicious software on the system in order to obtain personal and classified intelligence files.

This would not be the first time that Mossad has utilized sophisticated viruses in order to conduct their covert operations around the globe.

Investigative journalist and expert on the SIS, Nicky Hager, told Stuff:

When there are people with multiple passports they can be high-level criminals. But coming from Israel, it sounds suspiciously like intelligence services – the strongest suspicion, I would say.

We will protect your privacy…guaranteed!

Since the Israeli Ambassador has already admitted to the presence of multiple passports on the body of Mizrahi, much of Hager’s suspicions have been verified.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister has been just as opaque and withholding as the Israeli Ambassador, refusing to divulge details in the name of national security. If the Prime Minister and Israel seek to hold on to any shred of credibility they have left in the international community, they must be completely transparent and accountable.

Waiting until they are busted to admit their crimes might satisfy individuals like Ambassador Tzur, but speaking for myself I do not think that a simple apology is enough to move on from a spy ring being caught conducting illegal operations in a sovereign nation.

The people of New Zealand and every sovereign nation on Earth must demand total transparency when it comes to foreign intelligence operations on their soil. We now know that there is a large, independent American intelligence network at work in Pakistan and this does not make the government of Pakistan pleased.

Why is the government of New Zealand kowtowing before Mossad? Do they not have any respect for their own sovereign citizens and their right to live in safety without having to worry about their identity being stolen and used in an assassination plot?

Without the people holding their so-called representatives to account, we can expect intelligence networks like Mossad and others to continue their deplorable operations in spite of all law and human decency.

Madison. Ruppert is the Editor and Owner-Operator of the alternative news and analysis database End The Lie and has no affiliation with any NGO, political party, economic school, or other organization/cause. If you have questions, comments, or corrections feel free to contact him at [email protected]
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