If Norway Killer Acted Alone, His Soldiering Puts Rambo to Shame

Eric Blair
Activist Post

Sylvester Stallone’s character John Rambo in the First Blood movies was one bad dude. During those action-packed films where Rambo destroys everyone in his path, usually over a perceived week or two, he has never managed to kill as many targets as Norway’s alleged “lone wolf” assassin, Anders Breivik, did in one brief day — and there are literally some unbelievable scenes in Rambo movies.

We’re to believe a narrative that a lone nut with world-class assassin and military planning skills, with no Internet history until very recently (but with a dusty 1500-page manifesto), Glamour Shots® costume photos that would make the Village People blush, and ties to the Knights Templar, pulled this off?  Stranger than fiction folks.

Yet, everyone from all facets of the biased media are latching onto the part of the story that appeals to their beliefs.  The whole thing seems like a big set up, once again to inflame division to expand the war on terror. Not just with the event itself, but the neurotic details coming out about this patsy, too. There’s just about something for everyone to hate about this villain.

The left, even some considered somewhat enlightened, have bought the Christian right-wing extremist bit hook, line, and sinker. All genuine Christians know this guy was not a Christian no matter what his Facebook page says.  If the atheist left still believes in armies of Koran-thumping terrorists around every corner, it’s easy to believe there are now armies of Bible-thumping terrorists around every corner.  Bit by fear much?

It makes more sense when there’s an ideological bogeyman to demonize, especially if you didn’t like them much in the first place. There must always be rabid enemies to grease the gears of the anti-terror machine. Classical liberals, who despise intrusions on civil liberties, will now likely demand more police-state, war-on-terror violence, so long as it is aimed at broadly defined right-wingers.

The false-flag-first crowd (I’m guilty) is quick to jump on the juicy Freemason and Knights Templar narrative. It suggests a direct connection between the patsy and his elite handlers. How exciting to write about!  Man, lots of work for the alternative media to chase down these clearly-lit rabbit holes. There may be something there, but it feels like a trap as well. Whoever had the capacity to pull off this story knows full well how the conspiracy crowd would react. Remember, they’re playing chess, not checkers.

The Neo-Con phony right just sees dollar signs. More terror means more guns, more war, more surveillance, and more debt.  In other words, checkmate.

As long as the public continues to be distracted by what to hate most about this complex super-villain, the agenda of fear and paranoia will prevail.  Breivik was merely a pawn whose alleged actions will be used to continue to tighten the tyrannical clutches of control, whether he is a genuine extremist or mind-controlled patsy.  In other words, it really doesn’t matter who he is and what we’re told he stands for because the pawn is out of the game, and now the flames of fear will burn the rights of another segment of the population.

First they came for the Muslims, then they came for Christian right-wingers, then they came for the Pagan granola hippies, then they came for……to be continued in First Blood, part infinity.

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