Help save Nick’s Organic Farm from government takeover!

Nick Maravell
Save Nick’s Organic Farm

Ethan A. Huff
Natural News

A 31-year-old heritage organic farm in Maryland is being threatened with takeover by the county in which it is located, and your help is needed to stop these efforts. Nick’s Organic Farm is the only farm in Montgomery County, Md., that produces organic seeds, and it is strategically located in a uniquely protected area far away from genetically-modified (GM) crops and other contamination factors. But the county’s education board recently voted to turn this special farm into a private soccer field complex, of which there are already hundreds throughout the region.

Nick Maravell of Nick’s Organic Farm has been cultivating the special 20-acre plot of clean, protected land in Potomac, Md., for the last three decades. Located just outside of the Washington, D.C., area, Nick’s Organic Farm is also one of just a few organic seed-producing farms in the entire Chesapeake region, which makes it an even more invaluable asset to local citizens.

For 30-plus years, Nick’s Organic Farm has been supplying the local community with fresh, organic produce, and it has also supplied countless farmers with its uncontaminated, organic seeds. The farm’s many years of cultivation have also created nutrient-rich, organic soil, which as some NaturalNews readers already know cannot be created overnight. Soil microorganisms and organic matter take years to develop and mature, and once they become established, they produce healthy soil for growing highly-nutritious, nutrient-dense produce.

In other words, if Nick’s Organic Farm is replaced by soccer fields, it will likely be lost forever. The farm cannot simply be moved to another site because it would take years to become established, both in terms of organic certification and soil maturity level. Soccer fields, on the other hand, can be located anywhere without much issue.

With all this in mind, it becomes abundantly clear how foolish it is to destroy the local treasure that is Nick’s Organic Farm to develop a soccer complex that could easily be located elsewhere. And yet that is precisely what Montgomery County officials are attempting to do in this case.

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