Globalist Sedition takes to Malaysian Streets

Corporate-owned media obfuscates protest’s overt ties to Washington.
Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer

Bangkok, Thailand July 9, 2011 – Calling themselves “Bersih, or the “Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections,” the so-called civic group has attempted to rally in the streets of Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, only to meet a wall of resistance from a government more than aware of their true intentions. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Ambiga Sreenevasan, the head of the Bersih group said, “we are fighting for free and fair elections.” Undoubtedly Bersih’s rank and file believe this to be true, but the Malaysian government insists that Bersih is a front group for Malaysia’s opposition parties led by dedicated globalist Anwar Ibrahim.

Photo: Foreign-funded mobs are now turning up in the streets of Southeast Asia. Here, “Bersih 2.0” mobs clog the streets of Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur. If the US-engineered “Arab Spring” was meant to leverage China’s dependency on foreign oil against it, this latest move to destabilize nations is meant to reassert Washington’s influence throughout China’s own backyard.

Confirming the Malaysian government’s statement, at least 5 members of the opposition front “Pakatan Rakyat” were arrested while participating in the rally, along with Bersih leader Ambiga Sreeneyasan. Also present was globalist-stooge Anwar Ibrahim himself, leading a throng of protesters before being injured supposedly by a tear gas canister. Just as the Malaysia government has insisted, this is not a spontaneous protest led by concerned citizens, rather a foreign-funded protest mobilized by political opposition groups merely duping well-intentioned citizens to join with their cause.

Anwar Ibrahim himself was Chairman of the Development Committee of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in 1998, held lecturing positions at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University (a rock where the worst examples of humanity constantly crawl out from beneath), and a consultant to the World Bank. In 2007, Anwar was a panelist at the Neo-Con lined National Endowment for Democracy’s “Democracy Award” and a panelist at a NED donation ceremony.

Photo: Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s opposition leader amidst throngs of “Bersih” protesters. While the foreign press attempts to portray Bersih as a grassroots NGO organization, in reality it is a foreign-funded mob working in support of Anwar, who in turn is a longtime globalist-stooge.


It should come as no surprise then that his street-front, “Bersih,” is likewise entwined with foreign money and foreign interests. The same Ambiga Sreenevasan who claimed “we are fighting for free and fair elections,” also admitted on at least one occasion that her Bersih movement received money from the United States government via the National Democratic Institute (NDI), a National Endowment for Democracy (NED) subsidiary, as well as from globalist bankster George Soros’ Open Society. The NDI website had until recently posted information confirming this, but has since removed it. Only a Google cached version of the original information can be seen (as of July 9, 2011).

Photo: A screen-grab of NDI’s website before taking down any mention of their funding, training, and support of globalist-stooge Anwar Ibrahim’s “Bersih” street-front. (click to enlarge)


It should be noted that while NED, and its subsidiaries like NDI, Freedom House, and the International Republican Institute (IRI), claim to promote “democracy” internationally, their boards of directors are lined with an almost cartoonish lineup of villains, dengerate big-business interests, warmongers, and war criminals. Francis Fukuyama, Zalmay Khalilzad, Frank Carlucci (2002), Will Marshall, and Vin Weber populate the board of directors of NED, while Kenneth Adelman, Max M. Kampelman, Donald Rumsfeld (formally), Paula Dobriansky, Leonard Sussman, and Ellen Bork are on the board of trustees/executive committee of Freedom House. Additionally, certified warmongers John McCain and Lindsey Graham pollute IRI’s board of directors. It is absurd to suggest men like Donald Rumsfeld, Vin Weber, Frank Carlucci, John McCain, or Kenneth Adelman have any interest in “human rights,” “freedom,” or “democracy” beyond what they can gain by disingenuously leveraging these noble values. In fact, these very people have been the architects and perpetrators of darkest chapters in recent human history.

John McCain’s “sincerity” in democracy and the role his organization played in training and equipping Egyptian protesters to overthrow the Mubarak regime culminated in a recent trip to Cairo, where he was accompanied by Fortune 500 officers seeking to promote “private enterprise.” Indeed, this is the final goal of US-funded “democratization,” the complete destruction of nationalism along with the economic liberalization and strip mining of the world’s various economies.

Video: Anwar Ibrahim, leader of the foreign-funded “Bersih 2.0” movement, berates the Malaysian government for reacting to his recent bout of foreign-funded sedition.


Of course, while all of this is documented fact, corporate-funded news outfits like the New York Times prey on the ignorance of their readers by not mentioning Malaysia’s opposition front at all during their coverage of the Bersih rally. Instead, they insist it was merely a “coalition made up of 62 nongovernmental organizations” seeking “election reform.” Mention of Anwar Ibrahim’s presence at the rally is not mentioned, nor is the fact that other members of his opposition front were participating and leading the rally. The New York Times also dutifully cites Ford Foundation/Soros’ Open Society-funded Human Rights Watch and Soros-funded (page 10) Amnesty International who have predictably “condemned the recent arrests, and called on the government to stop harassing those associated with [Soros-funded] Bersih.”

A pattern of foreign-funded organizations carrying out foreign-backed sedition within a target country, in turn backed by the corporate-owned media and “independent,” “international” organizations funded by the exact same money can be seen clearly in practice on Kuala Lumpur’s streets. What is also interesting is that NED-funded operations outside of Malaysia have also been directed to support Bersih.

Thailand’s NED-funded Prachatai propaganda outfit dutifully reported in their article, “Solidarity protest for clean and fair elections and immediate release of Bersih activists,” that on July 1, “students, activists and press gathered outside the Malaysian Embassy, Bangkok, in response to the Malaysian Government’s arrest of more than a hundred members of the coalition network Bersih 2.0 consisting of various Malaysian human rights organizations campaigning for reforms in the electoral system.” Joining the protest, according to the Bangkok Post, was the People’s Empowerment Foundation, yet another National Endowment for Democracy-funded front group.

Washington and London funded organizations like NED, IRI, NDI, Freedom House, and others are creating a global homogeneous NGO, “civil society” underlay that is centrally funded and centrally controlled. They operate in nearly every nation on Earth and they work in tandem with their regional doppelgangers toward a singular goal. It was recently reported in the New York Times that these very organizations had been training and preparing for the “Arab Spring” for years before it unfolded. The feigned surprise by Western governments as their insidious plan came to fruition was merely rhetorical fodder designed for the most ignorant members of their target audiences. The “Arab Spring” is now admittedly a gambit of Western design. These organizations and the networks they form are nothing less than a modern reincarnation of the British Empire’s imperial networks. These organizations are led by immensely disingenuous characters for overtly self-serving agendas.

It is not that the “free and fair” elections many Bersih members are fighting for aren’t a legitimate cause. It is the fact that the leadership of Bersih are disingenuously harnessing the good intentions, energy, and resources of their naive followers to carry out foreign-funded sedition and regime change that will result in a dismal future for all Malaysians. Surely the ancestors of today’s Bersih protesters didn’t struggle and fight for Malaysian independence just so a foreign-backed stooge like Anwar Ibrahim could worm his way back into power, and with him bring back the same slouching degenerate bankers, merchants, and monied elite who had despoiled Malaysia and her riches for centuries.

For more information, please also see, “CIA Coup Army Uncovered in Asia.”

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