G. Edward Griffin: The Barbaric Metal

This is the seventh installment in a series of chapter summaries from G. Edward Griffin’s must-read book The Creature From Jekyll Island.  This book may be the most important “red pill” available and we highly recommend that you read the full book.  Buy it today at RealityZone.

G. Edward Griffin

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Chapter 7 Summary: The Barbaric Metal

Knowledge of the nature of money is essential to an understanding of the Federal Reserve.  Contrary to common belief, the topic is neither mysterious nor complicated.  For the purposes of this study, money is defined as anything which is accepted as a medium of exchange.  Building on that, we find there are four kinds of money: commodity, receipt, fiat and fractional.  Precious metals were the first commodity money to appear in history and ever since have been proven by actual experience to be the only reliable base for an honest monetary system.  Gold, as the basis of money, can take several forms: bullion, coins, and fully backed paper receipts.  Man has been plagued throughout history with the false theory that the quantity of money is important, specifically that more money is better than less.  This has led to perpetual manipulation and expansion of money supply through such practices as coin clipping, debasement of the coin content, and, in later centuries, the issuance of more paper receipts than there was gold to back them.  In every case, these practices have led to economic and political disaster.  In those rare instances where man has refrained from manipulating the money supply and has allowed it to be determined by free-market production of the gold supply, the result has been prosperity and tranquility.

Get the book for yourself or for others you want to wake up.  It reads like a mystery novel and is filled with colorful metaphors that make the seemingly complex world of banking very easy to comprehend. Visit RealityZone for your copy today. Summary is re-printed with permission from G. Edward Griffin.

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