Armed Citizens Confront Police State Enforcers Of Nazi Checkpoint (Video)

Armed citizens confront enforcers of the Police State and the fascist corporations who are working with our government to run unconstitutional Nazi style checkpoints.

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Alexander Higgins, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

The Nazi style checkpoint in the video below is not a DUI checkpoint which is the false premise these checkpoints are set up under. Instead they are a Nazi style ID checkpoint at which officers demand identification and allow vehicles to pass once the driver shows the correct papers.

Clearly this practice is a massive violation of constitutional rights, specifically violating the 4th amendment right protecting against illegal search and seizure and further violating to the right to privacy.

Across the nation vital social services are being cut for budget reasons. But our reportedly broke states have the funds to pay the enforcers of the Police State to arrests citizens for the crime of feeding homeless children. This cash cow operation is just one of the ways our fascist government steals what the bankers and the politicians haven’t already raped from us. As noted in the video, the state of California made $40 million dollars stealing people’s vehicles in 2009.

Perhaps paying the enforcers $100,000 a year and more to conduct cash cow operations like this is the solution to our budget problems. Seriously, we have to pay the $4 trillion to pay for the overseas wars that have murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

Watch as fascists corporations work with the government to violate people’s rights and steal their vehicles at this Nazi Checkpoint.

‘Armed citizens confront Nazi checkpoint in Livermore, California. 4th of July weekend, 2011. Police Departments use checkpoints to perform warrantless searches and steal vehicles from undocumented drivers.’

P.S. Note how the group successfully videotaped the police without the police beating them or arresting them or confiscating their cameras and smashing them. The solution? Apparently have a group of several people record the police all at the same time. The police then know if something shady happens someone will end up getting the video out, which was enough of a deterrent to keep the Nazi officers under control in this video.

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