al Qaeda rebels finally get the nod from Washington, what will become of the Libyans still loyal to Gaddafi?

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Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Earlier in mid-May, the al Qaeda-affiliated Libyan rebels visited Washington, but after this visit they left without any official recognition from the United States. After months of fruitless fighting against the Gaddafi regime, the rebels now have gained the official seal of American approval.

This endorsement from Washington is not purely ceremonial or diplomatic. Libya’s main opposition group, the Transitional National Council (TNC) will now be able to access $30 billion in formerly frozen assets.

These rebels have declared themselves the legitimate representatives of the Libyan people without any voting or democratic processes whatsoever. Thanks to the United States, these individuals now have access to billions in assets that belong to the Libyan people, not the rebels.

As I have outlined in previous articles, the entire nation of Libya is not behind these al Qaeda-linked rebel forces.

While the Western media is happy to present this falsified picture in order to legitimize the unconstitutional and inhumane bombing campaign, this is simply not true.

A small group of rebels now have control over funds billions in assets while the one million openly pro-Gaddafi Libyans are left without any recognition or assistance.

The Western mainstream media is praising this latest move, pegging it as a decision that will increase diplomatic pressure on Gaddafi.

They claim that the Gaddafi regime has lost all legitimacy and that these moves are helping to force Gaddafi’s resignation.

In reality, there are a significant amount of Libyans who still support the current regime but these individuals have been marginalized, demonized and now endangered by the United States.

The immense amount of money now freed up by Western governments and handed over to the still mysterious rebels will undoubtedly be used to arm the rebel forces.

Are we ignorant enough to think that these rebels, once armed with “lethal aid” as McCain would put it, will just agree to disagree with the Libyans still backing Gaddafi?

I sincerely hope the people of the Western world are not historically ignorant enough to believe that once these rebels are armed to the teeth and able to defeat the Gaddafi regime they will happily accept the dissent of those still supporting their old leader.

The United States is supporting one side of a civil war and like every internal conflict the entire nation does not agree. There were no elections held in which the Libyans voted for these so-called representatives known as the Transitional National Council.

Face it; we are supporting yet another murderous band of unelected militants. Who in their right mind thinks that this will work out any better than all of the times we have tried this in the past?

The best case scenario is that the rebels slaughter the forces still loyal to Gaddafi resulting in the current regime peacefully relinquishing power. If this happens, what will become of those Libyan civilians still in support of the Colonel?

How will the opposition forces deal with the people of Libya who do not want their leadership and do not recognize them as their legitimate government? Do we really think that they will agree to disagree and be on their way?

What evidence do we have that the TNC will democratically represent the people of Libya or serve the public any better than Gaddafi has? Well, we have absolutely none.

The only “evidence” we have to go off of is the portrayal of these rebels in the Western corporate media.

We are simply supposed to hope they are freedom-loving, democracy-promoting peaceful protesters who have no choice but to violently overthrow the Gaddafi regime. What if this is not the case?
If the rebels take power then live up to their al Qaeda pedigree, we are almost guaranteed that yet another intervention will take place.

The opposition forces have already been accused of brutal attacks on innocent people who support the current regime, especially Libyans who happen to have a darker skin tone than some of the rebels.

Libya is an African nation, yet some of the rebels are under the impression that every black Libyan is a mercenary working for Gaddafi. This is a complete lie and has the potential to bring about mass murder on a scale comparable only to the piles of bodies created by NATO bombs.

Black Libyans fear for their lives already and the rebel forces have not even taken control of the centralized government. Can you imagine what will occur once they have total control over the nation?

The rebel forces are already committing war crimes; even Human Rights Watch (a group with a questionable history at best) has reported abuses at the hands of the rebel forces.

The United States has been directly targeting Gaddafi for months now, evidenced by the attacks on his compounds that have resulted in the deaths of his children and grandchildren.

Clearly it is not necessary to give the violent rebel forces access to $30 billion in assets in order to put more pressure on the Libyan leader. He is well aware that the Anglo-American imperialist machine seeks to oust him and replace him with their al Qaeda allies.

International support is growing for these bloodthirsty rebel forces, but what will come if and when they defeat Gaddafi’s forces? At this point we can only speculate but if history is any indication, it will not be pretty.

Madison. Ruppert is the Editor and Owner-Operator of the alternative news and analysis database End The Lie and has no affiliation with any NGO, political party, economic school, or other organization/cause. If you have questions, comments, or corrections feel free to contact him at
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