Truth Does Not Fear Those Who Fear Truth

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Michelle Marie Angel
Global Illumination Council
When one is attuned to and aligned with Truth, there is no fear that comes with awareness of Truth that is revealed. It is considered as relevant intelligence for decision-making. Our higher choices depend on it. Nor is there any fear in telling the truth. Our integrity depends on it.

Some may naturally react with judgment towards information that has been revealed regarding some group or individual. The feeling of being deceived or manipulated carries emotion that may roll one off balance for a moment or a period of time. But as we evolve, we realize that balance will occur naturally. We are called to respond rather than react.

Our response is more benevolent and beneficial when it comes from a higher vibration. If we strive to practice coming from love and forgiveness, we transcend the states of consciousness that caused the unethical, corrupt, and malevolently designed patterns in society to begin with. Furthermore, when we stabilize higher states of being, we activate deeper perceptions that allow us to know truth when we are exposed to it. We become less and less likely to be deceived or manipulated.

There is a lot of information, disinformation, propaganda, inculcation, psychological operations, brain wave tampering, and hidden motives and agendas that is affecting society and individuals right now in these times that is coming into the light of awareness. As people lose their jobs, homes, family, sense of security, sense of identity, and faith in humanity, they are looking deeper to consider the causes. And that’s what it takes–some good, hard, honest contemplation within, and a greater awareness from looking at a substantial number of well-intentioned sources without, to sort things out.

Things are not what they seem, to be sure, but amid all of the chaos, destruction, and confusion, something new is being born. Something great, and wonderful, and profound is emerging. It is emerging through us. It is light of the highest vibration of Truth.

The number one thing to remember is to stay out of fear. It is imperative that we dive into the inner resources of consciousness to become aware of our power. We are not victims. Life is not happening “to” us. We are not beholden to the fake wizard behind the curtain who is trying to control us through the use of fear. We are bigger than that. At our Source, we are Truth itself. Truth is eternal and all powerful.

Once we discover that our true nature is truth, watch out. Anyone or anything that we once feared will fear us! We are the light of awareness. We can see behind the curtain. We can uncover secrets and lies. We can sense true intentions, agendas, and deceptions. We can peacefully draw our boundaries and not participate in the game ruled by fear.

We can walk away and create a game ruled by love. We can enjoy abundance and creative freedom. We can discover our own genius and inherent abilities and be truly free. That’s exactly what we are doing.

We are not doomed to ruin our planet. We do not have to experience the armageddon version of 2012. We can choose. We can choose with the vibration we carry within ourselves. As our vibration increases, our awareness deepens and expands. By choosing joy and gratitude, we can create marvelous things and go around expressing love and appreciation to all.

All it takes is to remember. Remember who we are. We are the One Spirit of Truth. That’s why we feel each other. Our feelings of truth create bonds of love. We are strengthened by Truth.

The distortions caused by lies are dissonant within the heart. It does not feel like love. Being heart-centered causes the heart to inform the mind what is true or not true, what is love or not love. As we pay attention to these inner perceptions, we can rise above our current world conditions and create something new and better. Again, we ARE doing it. Right now. Just by reading this article, we are sharing sentiments of the higher vibration of truth. It has an impact far greater than we might realize.

There’s nothing to fear. Be the truth. Stay firm in your resolve.

Remember as the old falls away, it is creating the space for the new to be born. Just watch as a neutral observer. Don’t carry judgment. Allow it to flow. Some of these changes are occurring out in the world of physical form. Some are occurring within your being. You may feel icky, sick, disoriented, sad, confused, or depressed, but “this too shall pass.” Allow it to pass. Don’t attach to it with emotion or identity. Let it go.

Rise above with love and forgiveness. Be good to yourself. Do little things that bring you joy. Practice kindness. Find someone else to help to expand your love and sense of self. Surprise someone and do one of their tasks or chores. Send someone a note of appreciation. Pick a flower and hand it to someone. Remember how much simple things count.

Use the following consciousness tools to attune to and align with truth:

· Spending time in nature

· Self-reflection

· Surrender

· Prayer

· Play

· Meditation

· Read an inspirational book

· Talking with friends

· Dreaming

· Taking a walk

· Creative expression

· Remembering good times, accomplishments, creations

· Consider your life’s mission

· Stretching/yoga

· Taking long, slow deep breaths

· Ask for Divine guidance or celestial assistance

· Paying attention to body sensations

· Quiet solitude

· Experience serenity

· Looking for and into synchronicities

· Being alert and aware for new opportunities

· Watching for miracles

Just keep remembering….there is nothing to fear. You are the truth. Those who fear the truth may fear you and react, but just keep being the truth. Rise above with love and forgiveness. You will only get stronger and more powerful. Love others unconditionally as a soul in progress. Just like a mother who loves her child and knows its potential unfolds over time, just keep loving. And know you are loved the same way.

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