Mainstream Media Signals Economy Getting Bad

Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

It seems the mainstream media (MSM) is waking up from its long sleep.  The dream world of “green shoots” and “recovery” is fading into staggering unemployment and plunging home prices.  Most of us in the real word have known for some time that there is no recovery.  People are not optimistic no matter how many times they are told things are getting better, and a recent poll by the Daily Beast and Newsweek proves it.  The story said, “. . . reality is beginning to break down Americans’ normally optimistic attitude. Three-quarters of our respondents think the country is on the wrong track. A majority say the anxiety wrought by this recession has caused relationship problems and sleep deficiency. Two-thirds even report being angry at God.” (Click here for the complete poll results and story.)

How can the MSM be so wrong for so long?  I think talking bad about the economy is perceived as bad for ad sales by top management in the MSM.  It is only when things get so obvious that they finally report some real truth or risk looking even more irrelevant than they already are.   In a Jack Cafferty segment on CNN last week, the question was asked, “Will Our Economy Trigger Violence In U.S.?” There is no way this kind of segment sees the light of day without people in the organization accepting the idea that things are officially bad.  That means the happy talk and wishful thinking that the economy is turning around is pretty much dead, at least for a while.  Check out the Cafferty segment in the video below:

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