Love, labels, power and purpose…

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What is there in life that is so special? Is it the witnessing of all that is around us, is it the laughter or is it the pain that is something that we are all hooked on in one way or the other? Let`s stop ourselves for a minute and breathe and than ask ourselves what is really going on.

Where is our true purpose on this Earth? Is it really watching television, working our asses of at work and being all grumpy about our lives, because we do not have enough this or that, or maybe enough time? Time for what may I ask? For gossip, spending money, bragging and feeling over the moon about some accomplishment? For feeding in to our ego`s needs which ever way is more satisfying to us and the environment that we come from? And what else do we do just for our own amusement? Let`s not forget about a team sport that is very popular in our society: putting other people down and making them wrong, so that we can feel superior and worthy. So our ego can say back to us: “Yes, I am the best, I am right, I am more, etc”. And that is all going on while explaining to others how conscious, how very good and righteous you are, because you recycle, or give to charity, or…………

Maybe you see yourself as peaceful because you do not confront people when faced with a problem, or a dilemma and you applaud yourself for being such a good person. Never mind all that passive aggression that comes from not expressing oneself. What about all that “beautiful” unloving ways put in to the environment in a form of judging, labeling-putting people into boxes, making assumptions and gossiping? Is there a true purpose or reason in contamination of the environment with all the “beautiful” emotions and energy that comes from passive aggression?

What actually happends is that an emotion is manufactured, one that lurks in the background like a silent virus, polluting our environment and a natural flow of things, called nothing other than….yes, that is right: hate.

And yet our ego claims to us that we are so “loving” and “good”, because we recycle, yes let`s not forget that we recycle. So we must be doing something “good” for the planet, right? If you feel your ego is getting in the way, maybe this is a good read for you: Eckhart Tolle`s, New Earth.

A friend of mine once said, and I quote: ” Life is free. It’s all those things that make it more “comfortable” that are expensive, how much do we have to pay for the sunlight, the air?” But is that enough? No, of course not. Because we need and need, a better this or that, and we must buy, buy, buy… But, that is not free, we need money to empower our needs, our egos, so that we can feel better, so that we can successfully compare ourselves with others and judge ourselves more worthy than others. After a while an emotion starts to get stronger and stronger, when we realize that we like our position and we do not want to lose our “power” or our possessions or whatever else we deem that we really need. We start to fear loss, or a little thing called change. Oh yes, we fear change, the very essence of life itself. So egoic fear is born. Everybody around us is seen as competition, as the enemy. Enemy to whom? Enemy to life, or to the egoic mind? What does that mean, really? In nature our competitors would get food instead of us, and if we were not bigger, stronger, or what have you, we would starve, even die maybe. We have named that survival of the fitest. So, that meant, that if we were not the “fitest” we could die? Hm….so, we became afraid, and fear guided us to reject everything that was potentially threatening to us and might prevent us getting the food we needed for survival. So, let us ponder this for a minute or two….. We became afraid of everything that might prevent us from surviving-a probability not reality? Isn`t that also called an illusion?

Right, so we had to disarm and disable everything around us that was potentially “harmful” to us, and because we had to conserve with our energy (because we needed it for survival), we did not ponder everything, instead we made a thing called “a label”, that was very energy efficient and used it to label things in accordance to our emediate or distant probability of a threat, that could be, or not be real. Reality of something was not very important as long as the energy was saved. Awareness actually consumes energy, so why waist it, when we have labels? So we saved evergy and labeled animals, plants and people according to our imaginary , yes that`s right imaginary feeling of importance and threat. But it did not stop there, oh no, why would it, if you have something so time saving, why stop there? So, we labeled everything from the smallest butterfly, to the biggest mountain, because you never know where the danger lurks. It`s better to be safe, than sorry we said, and lets not forget also we also know of labeling just for the fun of putting everything in to a box. We invented systems, and boy do we have a lot of systems! We are so proud of our system theory and cybernetics, where we even study the structure of regulatory systems, systems that are merely symbols of the little thing called reality. But we had to sacrifice something that was very important when inventing labels and systems, we sacrificed the truth.

But, never mind that, as long as we were saving energy by labeling. We were able to decide quickly about something being “good” or “bad”, “better” or “worse”, “beautiful” and “ugly”….and so on. Than one day our ego came to the conclusion that “labeling” is not just a survival kit, it can also be used for feeling better about ourselves, for feeling strong in comparison to others. How you ask? Simple, by labeling something or someone as “less”, as “lower” than us, never mind the little thing called the truth as long as there is a little moment of empowerment that comes from doing this ego based labeling, it is worth it. There was just one ingredient left missing so that the false feeling of power could be complete, that little thing is called hate.

A friend of mine once said, and I quote: “If you cannot live without hate I advise that you start investing into the material and the superiority, for hate is not free, you have to sacrifice love for it! Love on the other hand is free, it can’t even be bought it’s that free, even if you give it you still end up having it, unlike your shoes.”

And that we did, didn`t we? We sacrificed our love for being better, for being right, for labeling, because we are perhaps to lazy to feel a persons soul, to look inside and actually see a being, without any preconceptions, to see the uniqueness that is that being. We judge and speak of others in a non accepting way just to feel safe, or better. Well, so where is the happiness and the joy? If this is the way it is supposed to be, is it possible that by labeling everything, judging and being so wonderfully right, we are actually sucking the life out of everything around us, us including?

If we look at the grand scale of things, really, that is our life´s purpose? Having a content ego full of “goodness” and superiority? Seriously?

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