BATF Sent Guns to Terrorists: Will Obama AG be Held Accountable by Congress?

Jack Blood, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

The headline reads: “House Committee demands documents regarding Operation Fast and Furious.”

The buck does not stop with Obama and Holder though. Asked about prior knowledge of Operation Gun Runner / Fast and Furious . . . they just didn’t know what the hell was going on. Maybe this is true. Maybe they are way out of the loop, and this should concern not only every American, but citizens around the world!

Since Obama is nothing more than a figurehead, and a puppet for Global Intelligence (AKA the NWO) it is possible that he IS completely out of the loop. This is not the best 2012 campaign slogan however: “Vote for me, uhh, I have no clue what’s being done in my name”.

It makes one wonder what else is in the area of False Flag Terror (which this P2OG style “Sting Operation” truly is).

In 1993, the world fell for another Alphabet agency “sting” operation at the World Trade Center. Though it was admittedly all run by the FBI, ask people today who blew up the towers in ’93.  “Muslim extremists” is sure to be the answer. How do they know? “I saw it on the TeeVee.”  And this is what we call LIES BY OMISSION! Kinda like the way the MSM and the Warren er… Hamilton / Kean commission omitted the collapse of Building 7 on 9/11 from their report. (which they admitted later was a total farce).

HEY THE CALL IT A “COMMISSION” BECAUSE IT LITERALLY HAS “OMISSION” BUILT RIGHT INTO IT. ( Or in Obama’s honor we should rename it, ……………O’Mission! )

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Operation Gladio. The Salvador Option (which required CIA Death Squads). The NATO Option. P2OG. Fast & Furious, Gunrunner . . . call it what you like, but it’s nothing more than a mask to imitate terrorists in order to “catch them”. AKA: “The Strategy of Tension”

It turns out that what Washington meant by counter-terrorism, might often have been, well, terrorism. 

Here’s the money part from one of the field manuals (FM 30-31B): 

…when the revolutionaries temporarily renounce the use of force, US army intelligence must have the means of launching special operations which will convince Host Country Governments and public opinion of the reality of the insurgent danger.. 

That is to say, if there wasn’t any terrorism to speak of, the secret armies were prepared to get some going. 

Below is a now famous example of this “Strategy of Tension” during the Kennedy Admin that was thankfully not followed through. The Northwoods Document, now declassified.

In the case of the BATF and Op Gunrunner, we have a perfect excuse to arm and aid Narco Terrorists in Mexico, while protecting the drug running, while buying off governments, to provide a perfect excuse to clamp down on our Gun Rights. What a happy little party.

But whatever you do, don’t ask cousin Barry, for his reply will sound like a Hogan’s Heroes rerun…. “I KNOW NOTHINGk”

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