We Can’t Trust Our Own Government

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Marti Oakley, Contributing Writer
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While many individuals and groups have waged a constant and frustrating battle against the coming total seizure and control of food production as practiced by family farmers and ranchers historically, several questions have gone unanswered.  The biggest of all of course is, why?

Common sense, combined with critical and analytical thinking, cannot produce a rational answer for the onslaught of legislation, expansion of government agencies known for their incompetence and waste, and the complicity of state governments.

What is this all about?

I believe the answer to at least a portion of it, reared its ugly and threatening head during the September 23, 2010 Senate meeting, where Senator Durbin speculated that what might be needed is one agency to oversee all food production; for safety and efficiency, of course!

This comment was not just speculative, nor was it incidental or coincidental.  This is exactly where the government intends to go as they move to erect barriers to anything other than corporate industrialized farming and ranching, practiced by multinational corporations and bio-pirates and facilitated by unlawful international agreements and willing participants in congress. These same “stakeholders” are now at the congressional doors with the expectations of collecting on their investments.

What is intended, and was intended all along, is the creation of a new monolithic Homeland Security style, behemoth federal corporate agency, if not HSD itself.  This is exactly where they are heading.  This is what they intended all along. As much as 80% of all revenues to this new police state agency will be used for enforcement.  Enforcement is needed when government action is unconstitutional and/or an infringement on your rights.  The government will “force” you to submit using agency personnel who have been unlawfully empowered to act as “police”.  And if you think your friends, neighbors and family members won’t slap on a government badge, pick up a gun and come after you . . . think again.

In order for this new, soon to be created agency to be able to track and control who produces food of any kind, either this new government corporation or HSD, will pull in the twelve agencies now supposedly overseeing food production. Now it all makes sense and the pieces all begin falling into place.

Part 1 of the Plan: Land

  • Every parcel of land in the US was located and logged using GPS coordinates.
  • Every attempt was made to force compliance to Premises ID.
  • A conveyance of title of your private property to the USDA acting as agent for the federal government. 
  • This conveyance would necessarily be transferred to the new umbrella corporation. 

NOTE:  Imperative to the takeover of all food production is the theft of agricultural land from family and independent producers.  This will end the access to locally grown foods and force the consumption of imported and/or industrialized food-like products.

Part  2 of the Plan: Livestock

  • All livestock are to be tagged using a National Animal Identification type system.
  • These tags could not be obtained without Premises ID numbers.
  • Premises ID is an unrevealed contract with the federal government.
  • Your signature on Premises ID registration signifies your agreement to the contract.
  • Once tagged, the livestock now becomes part of the “national herd”. 
  • The “national herd” is owned by the government (via your signature agreeing to contract) and under its control and,
  • you become only manager or operator and are referred to as,
  • a “stakeholder”…even though,
  • you no longer the are the actual “owner” of the livestock,
  • You will:
  • bear all expenses associated with the livestock including but not limited to,
  • Feeds,
  • Vaccines,
  • Other pharma;  ordered under these programs
  • Be forced to participate in mandated protocols erected solely to force compliance and criminalize your right to engage in the business of livestock
  • As NAIS was thoroughly rejected by the agricultural community with the exceptions of industrialized corporate interests, and a few stragglers,
  • USDA is ending all disease programs,
  • Creating a crisis situation with which to terrorize the public claiming disease is now rampant or will be, and,
  • knowingly allowing the entry of diseased livestock from Canada and Mexico and other countries to facilitate the “crisis”
  • Then will claim if we had a NAIS type system, it would be the only way to track diseased livestock.
  • USDA refuses to admit that adequate and systematic tracking of disease has been practiced effectively and competently in each and every state for decades.

**NOTE:  The intent of Premises ID and a NAIS type system is the theft of land and livestock from private individuals and small independent farmers and ranchers.  The motive here is not only ending competition for mega corporate benefactors of politicians, but through a contrived set of circumstances and crisis, to create the ideal situation for realizing the greatest amount of profit at any cost for those same corporations.

Part 3: Grain crops

  • GMO’s are allowed to be planted with no containment controls.
  • No testing by independent labs on what effect they have on human health.
  • No testing on effects in the environment.
  • GMO’s are planted with the full knowledge that they cannot be contained, controlled, and,
  • With full knowledge that they will invade aggressively any surrounding crops
  • Wind drift, horizontal transfer, animal drift, transfection: liability for these are all transferred under the hidden contract with Monsanto (and other bio-pirates).
  • Crop growers are held liable for the failure of Monsanto (and other bio-pirates) to adequately test and control and contain their product.
  • Nano-chips are now slated to be inserted into seeds and all food products so that crops can be tracked from field to fork.
  • No food will be available that cannot be tracked via satellite…even after you have consumed it.
  • Nano-chips are so tiny they can circulate in the body undetected by the immune system. 

NOTE:  While bio-pirates claimed that GMO’s were the answer to world hunger and that planting them would end world hunger, the last 15 years have proven this claim to be a fallacy.  GMO’s contain less than half the nutritional value of traditional crops and do not increase per acre production; another spurious claim.  GMO’s are now believed to be highly harmful to internal organs, fertility and a catalyst for disease.

Part 4: Importation of food products

  • Food importation is allowed to continue using self-inspection by the importer.
  • Imported foods enter the country uninspected by USDA, then are,
  • Dumped into the food supply and,
  • Co-mingled with domestic products.
  • No penalties are levied against contaminated food importers.
  • FDA adjusts the amount of contaminants allowable to accommodate the contamination as they did with melamine in products from China.
  • All tariffs have been struck down so that imports come in at a price lower than domestic producers.
  • Food quality diminishes; we don’t know what is safe to eat.
  • The fake food safety bill was a forced export bill.  80% of all food of any type grown in the US will be forced into export on the global market.
  • Every effort is being made to end local production,
  • To make it illegal to grow your own food,
  • Or to consume anything not approved by government.

What will it take for America to stand up and defend itself from our own government?  Even on the state level the collusion with foreign interests, corporations, and anyone who can promise money and personal gain is ever present.

We have federal agencies that are in actuality privately owned corporations writing laws on behalf of the very corporations seeking to destroy us.

We have a Congress that can neither be trusted nor believed as the lies that issue from both houses is non-stop; and this comes from both of the supposed two parties.

We have a president who is just as deaf to our complaints as his predecessor.

The stench from the corruption in our courts is nearly unbearable.

So what will it take?  How much do they have to take from us before we stand up and say ‘enough’?

Or, have we become so complacent and compliant that we will just quietly be led to our own demise?

Marti Oakley is a political activist and former op-ed columnist for the St Cloud Times in Minnesota. She was a member of the Times Writer’s Group until she resigned in September of 07. She is neither Democrat nor Republican, since neither party is representative of the American people. She says what she thinks, means what she says, and is known for being outspoken. She is hopeful that the American public will wake up to what is happening to our beloved country . . . little of it is left.  Her website is The PPJ Gazette        

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