Torture Nation: Enhancing the Move Toward Totalitarianism

Kurt Nimmo

Now that the government claims it offed Osama bin Laden – never mind a complete lack of evidence – it is time to elevate the brutal and medieval techniques the government said it used to break the case.

Darth Vader, aka Mr. Darkside Dick Cheney, former Justice Department official John Yoo – who said it is legal and permissible to crush the testicles of little boys to extract information – and Congress critter anti-jihad crusader Peter King from New York all said this week that “enhanced interrogation,” otherwise known as torture, is a vital element in the war against manufactured enemies.

Even Judicial Watch piled on. On May 4, it said documents recently obtained from the CIA through a FOIA request demonstrate the information gained by so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques” ultimately led to the purported – and now reported by the corporate media as truth – killing of Osama bin Laden. “These documents show that without ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ Osama bin Laden might still be hiding in his compound plotting to kill more innocents,” writes Judicial Watch. Or he might still be resting in his Afghan grave, where he was reportedly buried in late 2001, according to an Egyptian newspaper.

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America’s Torture Doctrine

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