Stark Reality: This is Neo Feudalism?

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Charlie McGrath, Contributing Writer

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Playing God 
On this day we wake up to thousands of square miles of farm land purposefully being submerged in order to prevent a Katrina on steroids.

We trade one disaster for another, putting to rest any hope that already soaring food prices will do anything other than skyrocket; not to mention an entire new crop of disaster victims that can be forgotten about.

NATO pays lip service to a cease fire with Libya as Israel opens fire across the border with Lebanon. Of course, this will be used as another opportunity to beat the drums of war against Iran.

It seems that the pull back in oil prices over the last week are about to launch to new heights, regardless of demand and regardless if the punch drunk sheeple class can afford it.

In the middle of all typical ‘Empire in Collapse’ news, we are shown once again how the ‘Bankster’ class truly feels about the scum they are forced to deal with in the perfect world of the privileged.

Head of IMF an alleged rapist 

IMF chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, allegedly sexually assaulted his chambermaid over the weekend causing him to be yanked off his flight to Paris from New York Sunday. (see this

Is this what Neo-Feudalism looks like?  

We are nothing more than disposable wet naps to these ‘people’. The world is literally on the verge of economic and political chaos. Food crisis, energy depletion, military expansion, poverty, scandal, corruption, debt, austerity, unrest, bloodshed . . . . 

These are the day-to-day happenings in the real world.  

The parasite banker class considers this cesspool environment created by them to be the ultimate elementary school sandlot playground where anything goes. No limits, no rules, no consequence — only unlimited wealth and power at the expense of the rabble that they lord over.  

Make no mistake, Strauss-Kahn does not live in the same world as the rest of us. Soon we will see that he does not have to operate under the same legal system as us either. Connection, wealth, power, influence, these are all at his disposal, and use these tools of the master class he will.  

Perhaps a bit of payola, followed by the Mainstream business media crying from the rooftops that Strauss-Kahn is the savior of Europe. World economies will collapse without his divine leadership and we must calm the markets at all costs; and, like magic, his alleged crime will fade away.  

Ignorance is bliss 
Certainly this will free us to get back to much more important issues such as raising national credit card limits, Gaddafi hunting, QE-whatever, bank worshiping, austerity plans, market suppressing . . . and the Mainstream media can get back to doing what it does best.

Nothing to see here, it’s all under control, smarter people are fixing it all. Go back to sleep people.

The hits just keep on coming, what a world.

Charlie McGrath’s excellent commentary about the economy, politics, and world events can be found at his YouTube channel and his website Wide Awake News.

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