Protesters Hospitalized in Spain as Police Brutality Sweeps Through Barcelona

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Here are two recent videos of the State once again using their resources to crush protest against their criminality.  It is a sign of incredible desperation to abuse peaceful protesters.  The henchmen at the behest of the banking elite that continue to loot the middle classes of the world have to go down this path, because they know that the Spanish Spring is the real thing; it is a leaderless resistance that transcends all of the normal and manufactured divisions.

It’s been nearly a week since the Spanish government, in tyrannical fashion, tried to ban all protests.  This tactic just seemed to fuel the anger of the citizens who claim they will not leave the streets until the current system is thrown out and replaced with something that serves the people – not the banks. To the police and security forces: the more you escalate your brutality, the faster this movement will spread. You would be wise to join the side of peace and prosperity before you’re completely exposed as henchmen of a fascist system.

Please share this post to show everyone how fear and intimidation is being used in place of justice.

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