Pharming for the Future

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Whatever you put in to something is what you’re going to get out of it.  This is true in all phases of life: investing, exercise, work, and most importantly, diet.

What is your diet?  Well, before you start thinking that you are not on a diet let’s define diet, “food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effects on health”. So in other words we are all “on a diet”. My question is: what exactly are we eating, and why?

It is past the time for people to start asking some serious questions of themselves and their habits.

People have to start realizing that there is a long chain of lies, loaded with media hype and fabricated information. The system works to benefit corporations, at the expense of our future health.

Packaged, processed, and convenient “foods”, produced by our corporate “friends”, are the fertilizers we feed our growing children. These corporations are presumably just trying to help make our lives easier. But the weeds of deceit twist around our beloved, growing fruits that sadly ripen on processed nourishment. Then, the problems start to surface.

When the crop is ready for harvest, what do you have? A society rampant with medical issues. Now the over-hyped media helps the consumer to justify another easy option! Simply ship the “harvest” off to hospitals and psychiatric centers all over the world to be labeled with tags such as ADHD, ADD, CANCER, OBESITY, DIABETES, HEART DISEASE, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, HIGH CHOLESTEROL, DEPRESSION, and on and on and on…

Then, the big pay off! The same media that helped to sell you the easy, processed diet now is going to help sell you an easy, synthetic solution.  The masses buy up the synthetic, medicinal “cure” because…it’s easy!  Easy isn’t always good!  In fact easy is most often not the right choice.  Don’t you realize that easy is what got us here?

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