Internet Under Attack? DDOS attack on DirectNIC

Editor’s Note: The message below is from the homepage of What Really Happened; one of the sites affected by this attack.  
Mike Rivero 
It appears that DNS server tables were modified yesterday and the DDOS attack on DirectNIC may have been intended to delay automated repairs. DirectNIC is still sending out the wrong IP for many websites, including the the www version of this site. Everyone should make a point of running a full system scan with whatever anti-malware tools they have.
If the internet goes down, we should view it as another total failure by the inept and incompetent US Federal Government, which cannot keep the bridges from collapsing, the mines from caving in, the oil wells from exploding, Wall Street from wrecking the economy, or General Electric from selling poorly designed reactors that pour radiation all over the northern hemisphere. Politicians cannot grow anything, build anything, keep the power on, keep the internet running, can’t find let alone jail the hackers, or repair the crumbling infrastructure, but by golly they are really good at taxing us all for breathing and torturing Arab men for the crime of wearing cheap Casio watches! 
It is time to give someone else a chance at making this nation better for We The People.

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