Haven’t We Seen This Face Before? Dead bin Laden photo Photoshopped?

Editor’s Note: The photo below is listed as “unconfirmed” and was apparently shown on Pakistani TV — let’s hope they can do better than this.  Also looks like we may not see the body . . . bin Laden already has been buried at sea . . .

What Really Happened 

Well, I am no expert, but it looks to me from the date stamps on this web page like the picture blasted all over Pakistan TV of the ‘Osama’ that was killed today might be a photo that was floating around the internet for the last few months!  And it appears to be photoshopped!

Compare the lower half with today’s photo of the dead ‘Osama’!
There are other signs of photoshop as well, such as blurred edges on the beard and an obvious difference in sharpness between the eyes and the mouth, It looks like someone took a dead body and pasted the real Obama’s mouth onto it to make it look more like him. 
Did Obama just fall for a dirty trick by Pakistan’s ISI? Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂 

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