Fluoride and Radiation Linked To Thyroid Cancer

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The modern-day world we live in is an amazing place. People share many modern conveniences such as electricity, running water, cable TV and more.

Many of today’s products produced worldwide are constructed from aluminum or utilize aluminum parts (such as Coke/Pepsi cans [for example], automotive parts, aluminum foil, and so on.

Sodium Fluoride is a byproduct of aluminum manufacturing, much of which enters our lakes, rivers and streams through runoff, (or from manufacturing plants actually dumping the toxic sludge) entering the environmental chain. A lot of this chemical substance is also used in and can be found in products such as toothpaste, rat poison, bottled water, and it is even injected into tap water supplies worldwide.

Oh, you don’t drink tap water you say?

Don’t worry, they now include fluoride in some bottled water (including bottled water for toddlers), but bottled water is not the only water you have to worry about.

What about the baths or showers you have been taking, where the fluoride has been absorbing into your skin and is being inhaled as a hot gaseous steam into the through and lungs of your body?

This is the very substance used in rat poison.

The National Research Council has done studies and released literature on the fact that fluoride affects the thyroid gland and its functions in the human body.

The following is a quote from the NRC Panel Chair:

“The thyroid changes do worry me. There are some things there that need to be explored. What the committee found is that we’ve gone with the status quo regarding fluoride for many years—for too long, really—and now we need to take a fresh look. In the scientific community, people tend to think this is settled. I mean, when the U.S. surgeon general comes out and says this is one of the 10 greatest achievements of the 20th century, that’s a hard hurdle to get over. But when we looked at the studies that have been done, we found that many of these questions are unsettled and we have much less information than we should, considering how long this [fluoridation] has been going on. I think that’s why fluoridation is still being challenged so many years after it began. In the face of ignorance, controversy is rampant.”

– Dr. John Doull , NRC Panel Chair

The Vice President of the EPA was quoted saying:

“The difference between the levels of fluoride causing toxic effects and the levels added to water to prevent tooth decay is vanishingly small and deeply troubling.”

– Dr. J. William Hirzy, Vice President, Environmental Protection Agency’s Headquarters Union, Washington DC.

The Executive Director of the Fluoride Action Network stated:

“The crucial message of this report is that the highest scientific authority in the US has determined that low levels of fluoride in drinking water may have serious adverse health effects.”

– Dr. Paul Connett, Executive Director, Fluoride Action Network.

There have been other studies conducted earlier on in the mid-20th century showing how fluoride was used as an effective way of suppressing thyroid function and treating hyperthyroidism, showing how fluoride does indeed affect the thyroid.

A new study suggests that infants who are fed formula that is reconstituted with fluoridated water are at greater risk for developing discolored teeth, which is also known as dental fluorosis. The compound is also classified as an endocrine disruptor that can cause impaired thyroid function, according to the National Research Council.

Fluoride has even been linked to thyroid cancer as studies show, but this is not even the half of it.

Due to the recent Japanese Fukushima Nuclear disaster, massive doses of radiation have been released into the earth’s atmosphere from the troubled reactors melting down.

Many experts say that this disaster by far exceeds the Russian Chernobyl disaster, which was deemed a level 7 disaster on the nuclear scale (the highest threat level established). Common sense would suggest that there are multiple reactors in trouble at Fukushima not just one as was the case in Russia with the Chernobyl reactor facility. This could greatly contribute to modern cases of thyroid cancer.

A quote from a Health-land Time report states:

“The massive explosion at Chernobyl in 1986 caused an epidemic of thyroid cancer and increases in leukemia rates. By comparison, the partial core meltdown at Three Mile Island in 1979, which released about one million times less radiation, according to the New York Times, did not appear to impact cancer rates even decades later.”

Radiation also affects the thyroid gland in a bad way as detailed by the American Thyroid Association;

“Potassium iodide (KI) is the same form of iodine used to iodize table salt. KI floods the thyroid with iodine, thus preventing radioactive iodine from being absorbed. If taken at the proper time, KI protects the thyroid from radioactive iodine from all sources – air, food, milk, and water. KI is a non-prescription drug that can be bought over the internet and at some pharmacies. KI is made in pill and liquid forms.”

Due to the current status our world is in environmentally, one must consider protecting themselves against such a blatant enemy (cancer).

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