The Big Lie 101: Bin Laden Assassination Story Designed to Generate Fear

They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.  — Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

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Brandon Turbeville

In the midst of the mainstream media propaganda blitz, questions still abound regarding Osama bin Laden and his alleged death. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans are quite willing to believe virtually anything they are told about bin Laden, even if it contradicts what they were told previously. But, while many are busy dancing in the streets at the news of his “death,” others hopefully have some semblance of a long-term (and even short-term) memory.

Actually, Barack Obama’s announcement that Osama bin Laden is dead should not have come as a surprise to anyone equipped with the faculties of basic memory. After all, it was only (approximately) the ninth time bin Laden has been declared dead by high-ranking government officials in the ten years since the 9/11 attacks. Obama was just adding his name to the list.

It should be noted however, that credible reports have been produced suggesting bin Laden has been dead for some time. Indeed, even as far back as shortly after 9/11.

Of the reports, the most reliable information points to the belief that bin Laden has actually been dead since late 2001, having died of what amounts to natural causes as a result of generally bad health and a history of kidney problems. Bin Laden’s deteriorating health, was evident on his many videos. They revealed, at one time, a very thin and weak bin Laden and others showed a man who apparently could not lift his left arm while still other videos showed him appearing bloated and puffy. All of these various appearance indicated the various health issues that bin Laden suffered from.

Indeed, in July of 2001, bin Laden was reported to have been admitted to an American hospital in Dubai where he was treated for kidney problems. While at the hospital, bin Laden was met by a local CIA agent who later foolishly bragged about his contact with bin Laden. These reports came from various sources including French intelligence agencies.

Shortly before 9/11, bin Laden was reported to have been admitted to a Pakistani military hospital with the full knowledge of the Pakistani ISI. This story was even reported by major mainstream news agencies such as CBS.

Yet these are not the only reports that Osama bin Laden was dead long before Obama claims to have assassinated him. 

As James Corbett compiled in an excellent article for The Corbett Report entitled, Osama bin Laden Pronounced Dead . . . For the Ninth Time, evidence has repeatedly come to light suggesting that bin Laden has long been dead and that his death has been reported on numerous occasions.

Yet, considering the fact that Osama bin Laden has long existed as the ultimate bogeyman and the Emmanuel Goldstein of the real world, one would be well-advised to question any of these reports.

Within hours after the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden, photos were circulated that were reported to be those taken of bin Laden’s body shortly after he was killed. However, these photos were obviously created by photoshop and were easily proven fake. Not only that, but the photos being used had already been circulating on the web for some time, some even before Obama took office.

This is not surprising since the US government (through an organization that has direct links to the Pentagon) has produced fake bin Laden videos and audio recordings in the past.  Indeed, this should call all of the reported appearances of bin Laden in to question. 

Another giant red flag in this whole situation is that the body of Osama bin Laden has allegedly been buried at sea under the ridiculous justification of trying to respect for Muslim culture which requires that a person be buried within 24 hours of their death. I refer to this as “ridiculous” because the idea that the United States military is in the business of burying every person they kill in accordance with local customs is exactly that — ridiculous. 
The United States has murdered over a 1.5 million people in our current war theatres. Is it now safe to assume that each and every one of them were buried within 24 hours? Or is that an honor only reserved for the man who, according to the government, killed 3,000 people in New York and initiated the need for a war on terrorism? Keep in mind, when Uday and Qusay Hussein were killed, the photos were plastered all over the television screen endlessly. There were no concerns for Muslim culture then.  That it should matter now insults the intelligence of a five-year old.

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Indeed, as I read the “buried at sea” story I could not help but be reminded of the removal of debris from the World Trade Center. If the story were true, then it seems the US government would take every opportunity to confirm the identity of the most wanted man in America. Considering the recent debate over the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate, would it not be wise to thoroughly cite and prove any information being released?

Still, considering Osama bin Laden’s usefulness as a ready-made excuse for all things military and police state, one must wonder what agenda is behind the claim of his death. Has bin Laden run his course as the bogeyman? Are we in need of a new false flag attack with a new enemy that will frighten us into giving the small remnant of our liberties away in hopes for security? Will bin Laden’s death be used as an excuse to stage a series of false flag attacks (or one big one) blamed on bin Laden’s supporters under the cover of revenge?

Indeed, the fear of revenge and reprisal are already being circulated in the mainstream media, priming the minds of the public to expect another attack.

In the end, fear is the ultimate objective. Of this there is no doubt. However, one must also wonder if the character of Osama bin Laden has simply outlived its usefulness. Considering the dwindling attention span of the general population, it is not hard to imagine that it has.  

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University where he earned the Pee Dee Electric Scholar’s Award as an undergraduate. He has had numerous articles published dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, and civil liberties. He also the author of Codex Alimentarius – The End of Health Freedom  and 7 Real Conspiracies

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