Want to Play a Game? How a Distraction like Farmville Could Help Lead us into a Dystopian Nightmare

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Have you ever noticed how conspiracy theorists talk about the novel/movie1984,” and/or use words/phrases like “Big Brother,” and “Orwellian?” Are these conspiracy theorists completely out of their minds? Or is it actually possible that we are heading towards a real-life version of the legendary Dystopia?

Call me kooky, but I for one believe we ARE headed in that nightmarish direction . . . in fact I’m even going to prove it!

A few months ago I wrote an article about North Korea that I felt had a lot of potential, but it probably stunk for several reasons (I’ll hyperlink to the original below). Call it clunky or ill-timed; it can be argued that it was plenty of both. My excuse is that I was a lot more paranoid and frantic when I wrote it. At that time I really did think “the end” might be imminent, so I felt this urgent burden of responsibility to warn people while I still “had the chance.” But as a result of my haste, the whole project probably ended up backfiring. However, I also cannot allow a poorly timed and presented mistake from the past allow valuable information to go to waste either. So since recent developments have occurred to make it relevant for me to try and share this story again, it’s time to give it a serious makeover…

The makeover idea stems from recent developments about establishment attacks on the alternative media. For example; investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, who has recently received death threats and might even have to leave the country! Another target was YouTube activist member Sean Justice (FederalJack) who was recently harassed by government spooks. Now since I also consider myself a member of the alternative media, and I have actually listened to Wayne on numerous occasions, and have watched and have probably even linked to FederalJack’s Youtube videos, I can’t help but take these attacks quite personally.

Since the establishment appears on the offensive, I guess it is time for us in the alternative media to start asking questions towards the establishment about how they really want this fight to go down. Is the establishment really going to meet all its resistance with threats and potential murder? Or is there a more happy solution? I’m all about creative and non-violent solutions, so maybe it’s time for a little negotiating with the elites:

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