US and Russia Fighting Destruction of Smallpox Virus Samples

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Marti Oakley, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Why would anyone want to retain samples of a virus, long since eradicated from the earth, and use those samples to mutate and experiment with? For what purpose?  What are they planning as the end use? And whom would they be thinking about using it on?

Turns out the US and Russia are fighting every attempt to force final destruction of the smallpox virus samples and have been fighting the destruction of these samples of smallpox for years.

The last case of smallpox ever recorded was in 1978 and the result of a laboratory accident.  The only places smallpox exists today is in the bioweapons research centers in the US and Russia.

In 2001, a PBS interview highlighted the fact that the Bush Administration was anticipating a bioterrorist attack using smallpox.  Since the only known samples of the virus are owned by the US and Russia, I have to wonder who exactly would have launched this attack? And who in this world would keep such a lethal virus for any reason once it has been eradicated worldwide except for what is being used for experimentation by what has to be a collection of international madmen?

The PBS interview alludes many times to the Russians, and says they had enough smallpox virus to manufacture 200 tons of the virus every year.  Not one word is mentioned about the US also having stockpiles of the virus which could produce equal amounts.  Of course, this all coincided perfectly with the new smallpox vaccine.

The PBS interview was clearly staged propaganda and was being used to cement in the public mind that smallpox was on its way and it was the Russians bringing it which would also make people run terrified to get the new and improved, genetically altered and mutated vaccine.

From the article: Author Reports Smallpox and Anthrax Frights Planned Years Before 9-11: Government and Drug Industry Collusion Cited (from Sept.2002) 


CIPRO, Dr. Horowitz recalls, is produced by Germany’s Bayer AG, while the smallpox vaccine’s newly formed producer is the British firm Acambis (previously OraVax), owned by Aventis—created in 1999 by parent companies Hoechst and Rhone-Poulenc. The Merck pharmaceutical company, recipient of a large share of the Nazi war chest at the end of WWII, is/ are partnered with these entities in Europe and thus involved in the smallpox and West Nile Virus vaccine trade. The only other smallpox and West Nile Virus vaccine producer is Baxter Corporation, a subsidiary of American Home Products—another direct progeny of the decartelized German drug and chemical combine known as I.G. Farben. All have jaded, if not blatant genocidal, histories.

It seems apparent that the intent was to release a weaponized form of smallpox, have the newly stockpiled vaccine ready to go ($$$) and blame it on the Russians.  With more than 700 bioweapons labs operating in the US alone, it seems highly unlikely that the Russians would have had to go to such lengths.



Six years ago, civil society and governments united to turn back dangerous attempts to genetically engineer smallpox. That success led to a deeper examination of scientific needs to retain the virus stocks, culminating in a major review of smallpox virus research in 2010 that has been tabled this year. This major review, conducted by WHO experts in public health, concludes that no compelling scientific reason remains to retain the virus samples.

Unless of course, you are a governmental sociopath who will use any means necessary to terrorize and even kill off large portions of your own population in order to affirm your death grip on a nation. And why would anyone in their right mind be attempting to mutate or genetically re-engineer a known viral killer?

 Destroying smallpox virus stocks is not only the last step in the great achievement of eradicating the disease; it is the single most important thing that the international community can do to ensure that it never appears again. By making possession of the virus a crime against humanity, any future attempt to recreate the virus through biotechnology methods would meet international condemnation and sanction.

The letter these excerpts come from was sent to the UN to circulate at the 64th World Health Assembly (WHA) (16-24 May 2011)

Going back to that interview on PBS in 2001:

 Recently the U.S. Government accused Iraq and at least five other countries of violating a 1972 global convention prohibiting the production and use of bioweapons. The government called Iraq’s program in particular “a serious threat to international security.

We accused Iraq and at least five other countries of violating the 1972 prohibition on production and use of bioweapons?  Where did this commentator think Iraq got this technology from?  If they were in fact, using it.  There is no evidence today that anything of this nature was occurring in Iraq in 2001.  Every weapon they were using, every noxious gas they sprayed all came stamped “Made in USA”.

And the US has systematically and without hesitation violated that same prohibition on a daily basis for decades and continues to develop new and unknown strains of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and whatever else they can mess with while they go about the business of creating hitherto unknown diseases.

But, hey!  What about all those newly remade vaccine stockpiles?

Should we all anticipate a smallpox epidemic which will be blamed on insane Russian scientists, or maybe some terrorist working out of a cave in Afghanistan..or is it Iraq?  Pakistan?  Libya?

And if in fact, such a pandemic should occur, how would the newly engineered, mutated, genetically altered vaccine possibly be effective unless of course it was based on the mutations and genetic alterations you yourself developed?  It’s a matter of hiding in plain sight, the truth about where such a pandemic would come from.

With most Americans blissfully unaware that our own government has plotted and planned for more than a century on how to rid itself of us should we become too much of a problem, no doubt a new smallpox epidemic would be blamed on someone “over there”, while the real culprits went to supper with their friends somewhere in the District of Criminals.

October 24, 1997 / 46(42);990-994 Smallpox Surveillance – Worldwide

Susan Dentzer reports on the administration’s plans to prevent an smallpox outbreak should it be used as a form of bioterrorism. From 2001 interview

Marti Oakley is a political activist and former op-ed columnist for the St Cloud Times in Minnesota. She was a member of the Times Writer’s Group until she resigned in September of 07. She is neither Democrat nor Republican, since neither party is representative of the American people. She says what she thinks, means what she says, and is known for being outspoken. She is hopeful that the American public will wake up to what is happening to our beloved country . . . little of it is left.  Her website is The PPJ Gazette        

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