The Secret to Sustainable Passion

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Jennifer Howard, Ph.d.
Huffington Post

Author, philosopher and teacher Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” I often hear that passion and enthusiasm are the fuel for success, in life and in business.

Although passion can be a gateway to success and knowing our higher purpose, it seems that many people today talk as if passion will ensure one’s success. It sounds as if they they’ve put passion on a pedestal and want passion alone to sustain them.

I can agree with Carmine Gallo in his article in Business Week called “Why Your Business Should Be Your Passion,” when he says that “all the successful business stars are passionate about their product, service, company, or cause.” And yes, “they went with the feeling in their gut — and made a business out of the one thing that consumed their thoughts.” That is very important, but is it all they needed?

The American Heritage Dictionary tells us that passion is a powerful emotion or appetite, such as anger, greed, love, joy or hatred. Like fervor, passion can imply an overwhelming, highly intense emotion that denotes boundless enthusiasm.

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