RFK Killing Revelations: Are They a “Third Rail” Issue?

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Gordon Duff
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Sirhan Sirhan the accused and legally convicted killer of Robert Kennedy filed legal documents in Federal Court in Los Angeles this week.  His attorney, William F. Pepper, alleges that his client had been subjected to hypnosis and mind control and had been “handled” at the murder scene by an unidentified woman who helped stage the assassination.

Pepper’s filing include significant references to witness statements and forensic reports that were systematically suppressed during the investigation.

Pepper alleges that Sirhan Sirhan is innocent and that Kennedy was murdered as part of a conspiracy in which his client was involved as a “patsy” though use of hypnosis and other means.

Harvard University professor Daniel Brown, a noted expert in hypnosis and trauma memory loss, who interviewed Sirhan for over 60 hours, is believed to have “broken” Sirhan’s “programming.”

This is what was learned:

Sirhan was taken to the Ambassador Hotel by handlers.  At some point, he was given a tap on his shoulder by the woman witnesses say ran from the building taking credit for the murder, the woman, for some reason forgotten by the investigation. Sirhan reported that he found himself at a pistol range, holding a gun he had never seen before.  He heard firing, two shots rang out.  He says he never fired the shots.  Numerous witnesses support this.

As for Sirhan and the woman, interviews revealed that Sirhan had a deep sexual obsession her.  What we are not told is how he came to know her.  In fact, interviews tend to establish that Sirhan himself didn’t know how he came to know her or the basis for his strong feelings.

Sirhan also has no conscious knowledge of visiting the pistol range that his reported “hypnotic delusion” placed him at during the Kennedy shooting.

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