Obama vs. Dancing With The Stars

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Brandon Turbeville
If anyone thought the President’s speech defending the attack on Libya was broadcast a bit earlier than other Presidential speeches in the past, it might surprise you to know that you were right. When scheduling a time for the speech to be televised, the White House consulted with television networks as it normally does.

However, this time around, a conscious decision was made to broadcast before 8pm. Why? Because 8 p.m. is primetime and broadcasting at 8 p.m. would have coincided with “Dancing With the Stars.” I’m not kidding. This was reported by USA Today, CNN, and ABC News Radio.

Just in case you don’t believe it, CNN reports: 

As for the timing of President Obama’s Libya speech Monday night, the New York Times’ Bill Carter reports that the White House scheduled it around network shows, including ABC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ In the end, all involved agreed on 7:30 p.m. ET, which meant the speech would end before ABC’s hit show – among other programs on NBC, CBS, and FOX, to name a few.

There is really no way to look at this decision in a positive light. The best possible scenario is that Americans are so addicted to brain cell murdering programs like “Dancing With the Stars” that they simply have no time or interest in watching a speech by a President who has no real connection to them and is only there to give them the party line on an agenda that they have no control over. That’s actually the best view I can think of, because at least it implies that the American people are aware that their government is unresponsive to anything they have to say.

However, another more frightening view (the one that I take) is that our controllers are aware of this. They know that regardless of what is going on in the world or how it affects them, Americans are quite content to sit on their couches growing bigger and dumber with each passing hour. They know that rather than forcing themselves to form an opinion on an issue such as the new Libyan war, they would rather watch a ridiculous show where washed-up celebrities do things they would otherwise never do except for the fact that their careers are almost over and they need whatever money they can get at the time.

Our controllers know that while bombs fall on innocent Libyan civilians, Americans will not raise so much as a finger to stop it because they are too busy immersing themselves in trivia and the subconscious desire to watch famous people fail. That is, after all, the only thing we have left in this country — the ability to watch others self-destruct so that we can feel a little better about our own lives. Of course, this saccharine version of self-respect only lasts as long as the program. Eventually we all have to get on with our dull, boring, and generally non-productive existence.

Indeed, our controllers know this quite well because it is the system they created. For those who are afraid that our society is in danger of becoming something out of Orwell’s 1984 or Huxley’s Brave New World, I have some very disappointing news — it already has.

Our culture has degenerated into such a state where government officials and the mainstream media can now launch wars under the most outlandish methods of justification using recycled scare tactics based on interchangeable villains without the general public even noticing.

America is now involved in five wars and, realistically speaking, the average American would never be able to list all of them. Neverthless, it began with Afghanistan and the official fairy tale of 9/11   and Osama bin Laden. It then shifted to Iraq and bin Laden, which shifted into Iraq and WMDs, which, years later, shifted yet again to WMDs and bad intelligence. No doubt Americans are still convinced CIA-front “al-Qaeda” was involved, even though the US government doesn’t even try to hold this line anymore.

We then moved to “terrorists” crossing the border in Pakistan to Afghanistan, which justified the US murder of civilians in this country. Likewise, under the false pretenses of “al-Qaeda” operatives in Yemen and Somalia, the United States has been dropping bombs on these countries as well.

Now, in Libya, a fifth front has emerged. Unfortunately, the general American public having been bombarded by a myriad of boogeymen to be afraid of, has now reached the levels of being constantly so afraid that they can now be completely controlled by this fear. Yet, in the midst of it, they remain unable to articulate exactly what they are afraid of. In their minds, the term “terrorism” not only conjures images of Osama bin Laden and Muslim fundamentalists, but of all Middle Eastern countries (except Israel), American militias, anyone who speaks out against their government’s actions or doesn’t conform to narrow societal standards, plagues, flu, economic collapse, unemployment, and even the prospect of death itself. Logic no longer plays a part, if it ever did, in the culture of fear in which we now exist.

Intellectually, we have fallen so far as a nation that we cannot even describe the boogeyman Osama bin Laden and the fairy tales fed to us by our mainstream media and government controllers. We cannot even describe the details of exactly why Ghadaffi is such an evil man. In 2011, all that is needed is that the ever present channel of fear be tapped in to with a few mentions of “terrorism,” “al-Qaeda,” “extremists,” or “national security,” and the American people willingly rush off to war with little or no idea of what exactly they are rushing off to fight.

This is why a new war has been launched in Libya which is both illegal and immoral, a massive cost to the taxpayer, an act of blatant aggression, and the most obviously unconstitutional military action in American history with barely a peep from the citizenry.

Nevertheless, President Obama certainly walked a fine line Monday night. Indeed, he showed courage rarely expressed by American Presidents. Obama chose to present himself before the American people on the same night that “Dancing With the Stars” was scheduled to go on. One false move could have spelled disaster for him, as the President would have clashed with other, more fun, forms of entertainment. His plan could have backfired. His speech could have run too long. “Dancing With the Stars” could have been interrupted and, if that had happened, we might have finally seen a revolt in this country.

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University where he earned the Pee Dee Electric Scholar’s Award as an undergraduate. He has had numerous articles published dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, and civil liberties. He also the author of Codex Alimentarius – The End of Health Freedom   


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