The Military Tax Collector Is Here Again


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Gerald Celente, one of the world’s premier trend forecasters, recently made the boldest statement of his 30-year career.  In the special report you’ll see below, he admonished the American people to “grow up” and take action about the latest debacle/war in Libya being waged in our name and on our dollar.  He did NOT advise calling your senator, writing Congress, or any one of the other completely ignored protests by an oligarchy long past caring about the will of the people.  He advised to stop paying taxes that support these wars.

Serious tax protest always has been one of the fastest ways to land yourself in the ever-expanding American prison system.  Why do you think this is?  Because the system knows that it is the Achilles heel of the corrupt leadership and their crony corporate interests who steal from the American people to fund a military that is being assigned increasingly dangerous, doomed-to-failure missions that will only generate worldwide hatred for military personnel, America, and its people.

The time has come for people of conscience to realize that a minimum of 54 cents of each tax dollar funds the military.  Which is not to say this money supports the military.  It only supports those who make money from military action.  So, next time you write that tax check, then please at least add into the subject line: Halliburton, Kellogg Brown and Root, or any one of the other war profiteers who will reap your “support” of the military.

Gerald Celente is correct:  we need peace.  Our leadership, according to every poll, is not listening to, or interested in, what we have to say.  The time has come to withdraw support of their failed missions by making the strongest peaceful statement possible: refusing to pay for war.

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