Fukushima: End of Week Three

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Dr. Mark Sircus

The efforts at Fukushima are at best many months away from stabilization and years away from any sort of a final resolution. This crisis is going to be with all of us for a very long time with radioactive material continuing to escape from the complex into the environment adding a staggering amount of nuclear pollution into the world.

Things seem relatively calm at the moment with no more explosions to report but the headlines constantly stress the “risk of uncontrolled radiation” and this morning’s headline was, “Search for radiation leak turns desperate in Japan.” One of the chief concerns is that things might take a turn for the worse whereby radiation spikes to levels that prevent humans from getting close enough to perform meaningful operations and work at the nuclear site.

The other great concern are the hundreds of thousands if not millions of cases of cancer that will be caused in northern Japan if they do not bring this disaster under some kind of control. Hundreds of thousands of people are already slated sometime in the future to have cancer from this catastrophe but are they widening the evacuation to a necessary 200-or-more-kilometer area?

Meanwhile the all-clear sirens have sounded in America where scientists and everyone else pretend that the Pacific Ocean will protect them, but if that is not the case with mercury emissions from China and India why would anyone think it would be the case with radioactive particles? It has been estimated that 30 percent of California’s pollution comes from the other side of the Pacific! Fumes and dust from industrial factories, coal-powered energy plants and privatelyo wned cars in China are crossing the ocean and polluting the air in the United States.

“There are times when it covers the entire Pacific Ocean basin like a ribbon bent back and forth,” said atmospheric physicist V. Ramanathan at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California. Professor Dan Jaffe, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Washington said, “So far, pollution has spread in the air around the world. There is no place you can put away your pollution anymore.” But we can always add to it and that is what this disaster in Japan is doing.

Health Food Stores More Dangerous Than Nuclear Radiation

The mainstream press is not wasting any opportunity and are dragging their experts out to center stage telling us not to worry and that there is no reason to load up on supplements. I kid you not—some are going as far as telling the public that the remedies people are reaching for in their health food stores could be more dangerous than the radiation itself, which of course is the most stupid thing I have ever heard.

Dr.William McBride, professor of radiation oncology at theUCLA Cancer Center was brought out of his radioactive nest by the LA Times to tell people not to bother to do anything to protect themselves.

“There’s no evidence, he says, that anything at a health food store or grocery store could really protect you from nuclear fallout. And in some cases, he warns, the remedies could be more dangerous than the radiation,” published the Times.

He’s all in favor of antioxidant-rich diets and the occasional bit of seaweed. But he sees no reason for anyone in the U.S.—or even Tokyo—to change their diets or take supplements to protect themselves from radiation. Even if the radiation levels intensified, McBride wouldn’t recommend nutritional defenses, reported the Times. We do know that doctors like McBride are all too willing to turn nuclear radiation on their patients to both diagnose and treat diseases, so we understand their need to consider dangerous radiation as safe.

Exposure to radiation causes a cascade of free radicals that wreak havoc on the body.
Radiation decimates the body’s supply of glutathione.

This was all said in the Times article despite the finding of a 2009 study of pilots—a group of people who get a fair amount of cosmic radiation on the job—thatfound that those who took antioxidant supplements had less DNA damage than those who didn’t. And last week, researchers at the annual Society of Interventional Radiology meeting in Chicago presented a study suggesting that a proprietary antioxidant blend prevented DNA damage caused by CT scans.

Sergei Belyakov, an associate professor at a Ukrainian university in 1986, first sensed something was wrong at Chernobyl while he was on a fishing holiday and noticed that water levels in the Dnipro River were plummeting; a sign that dams upstream had been closed. It was weeks before Soviet authorities acknowledged the gravity of the crisis. Belyakov volunteered to be a jumper at the plant where workers had to leave when they were exposed to 2 Roentgen of radiation per day, about 240 millisieverts. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says a dose of 500 millisieverts would cause nausea and 1,000 would cause hemorrhage.

After sustaining 25 Roentgen of radiation, the Chernobyl workers were sent home. Many have since died prematurely. Belyakov says he knows of at least five other men who worked there who died within 10 years. But as many of them reach their mid-50s, it is hard to isolate the Chernobyl radiation as a cause of death, he said. “The action of radiation on a living organism is extremely different—there are people who can sustain that very well; unfortunately there are people who get just a pinch of what a normal human being would get and it would be lethal.”

Contemporary medicine and the world’s medical officials do not want people to discover
what individual differences lead to greater resistance to nuclear contamination.

There is not one leader or scientist in the world who is getting up on the world stage to tell people what is happening. Radiation coming from Japan is entering the environment on top of a vast field of pollution. When it comes to mercury we have toxic clouds of it and mercury injections for children and anyone else who gets their yearly toxic dose of mercury in their flu vaccine. And we have crazy dentists who put mercury into our mouths only inches away from our brains.

But all of this is safe, so there is nothing to worry about according to health officials. Dr. Garry F. Gordon says, “At low (radiation) doses, the body’s cells are usually able to repair any damage fairly rapidly, and any cells that die due to overexposure are replaced. But if our bodies are already overburdened with toxins and heavy metals that are keeping our cells from functioning well, any amount of radiation is then a bigger problem. There is a lot more pollution blowing over from Asia than there is radiation.”

Simultaneous exposure to mercury and uranium shows significantly more
damage to the kidneys than when exposure is to each metal singly.

Most experts and officials are either ignorant about low level toxicity or they simply are not being honest about it. They are even more ignorant about what happens when different toxicities combine. Dr. Boyd Haley of Kentucky University has been shouting out for a decade about what happens when you load up a vaccine with organic mercury and aluminum combined. Yes, when mixed together they are about 100 times more toxic than if given apart. The science of low level combining toxicity has to take center stage, not just because of the first out-of-control nuclear plant in history, but also because most of us already live with heavy toxic exposure.

When it comes to this nuclear accident and the already toxic soup we have made of our environment the medical establishment does not want to discuss the vast nutritional deficiencies that are evident in the public and how that makes people more vulnerable to radiation sickness. When we consider that over 90 percent of the public is deficient in iodine and an almost equal percentage in magnesium we can assume the worst when it comes to populations’ vulnerability to nuclear and heavy metal contamination.

Nuclear Disaster’s Consequences Just Beginning

Countries in the developed world have less and less ability to bounce back from events
such as Japan’s earthquake/tsunami/nuclear and now economic devastation.

Before we get too relaxed, let’s take a moment to learn what a nuclear meltdown is: A meltdown is the severe overheating of the core of a nuclear reactor that results in either the partial or full liquefaction of its uranium fuel and supporting metal lattice, at times with the atmospheric release of deadly radiation. Partial meltdowns usually strike a core’s middle regions instead of the edge, where temperatures are typically lower.

Drone photo

The main meltdowns of the past at civilian plants were Three Mile Island in 1979, the St.-Laurent reactor in France in 1980, and Chernobyl in Ukraine in 1986. No mention is made in the mainstream of huge nuclear disasters in Russia back in the early days or of how this nuclear material was spread around again during last summer’s fires.

chart of the day, corn futures, march 2011

Tyler Durden is already publishing that a Japanese economic collapse has been confirmed by a PMI plunge from 52.9 to 46.4 showing that the Japanese economy is already being devastated. Fast-forward your time machine into the days and weeks and months ahead. Nobody knows exactly what is going to happen except that food prices will be screaming up and the radioactive count of crops and milk will slowly increase. The press is urging us all to relax but the following graph tells a different story!

Medical Consequences

We have a significant and documented increase in the incidence of type 1 diabetes in children and adolescents after Chernobyl in the radioactively contaminated area of Gomel compared to Minsk.
Heinrich Heine
University Dusseldorf, Germany

Dr. Chris Busby, the scientist who revealed increased radiation levels over England after the last attack on Iraq, has made a link between everyday radiation exposure and a range of modern ailments: “There have been tremendous increases in diseases resulting from the breakdown of the immune system in the last 20 years:diabetes, asthma, AIDS and others which may have an immune-system link, such as MS and ME. A whole spectrum of neurological conditions of unknown origin has developed.”

Dr. Michio Kaku has explained that radiation travels in food as well as through the air. He is one of many though who believe that the radiation from Japan is diluted by the time it reaches the United States so it isn’t “much of a concern.” He explained that following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, radiation circled the earth 3 times, and that we all have a piece of Chernobyl inside of us. Unlike Dr. Busby Dr. Kaku thinks little about the increased incidents of diabetes and many other diseases stemming from low level exposure. Perhaps Dr. Boyd Haley can set him straight on the dangers of low level exposures.

Personally I think Kaku is one of the smartest people I have ever listened to but he does not seem understand much about medicine and the consequences of low level radiation and heavy metal exposure. He is a physicist after all so we can excuse him but not the world’s medical officials who seem to be deaf and certainly dumb in the face of the huge toxic threat facing humanity.

Special Note: I wonder if anyone understands what I am doing and how I write. I am not like those highly paid guys who work for the richest people in the world, the ones who own the media, etc. There are highly trained specialty writers who know how to put a twist on the news, a slant, a manipulated projection. Well what I do—for low pay—is just the opposite. First I unplug their twisting and turnings and then I project the audiences’ consciousness as hard as I can in the direction of truth based on a full revelation of information. Everyone reveals themselves when they open up their mouth or put down their thoughts into written text and it is just as important what a person says as what they do not say. I tend to say too much but mostly because there is so much to say that is routinely left out by others.

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