Freedom From Freedom

Anthony Freda Illustration

J. Paul Henderson
Lew Rockwell

There’s a basic quality of freedom. And Americans have forgotten it. Simply stated, freedom can only be to. It can’t be from.

You can be free to eat, but you can’t be free from hunger. You can appear to be free from hunger, but in reality, freedom from hunger is a privilege bestowed in exchange for giving up another freedom.

The natural state of freedom is always to. Governments can’t grant freedom to because freedom to is a natural right of human kind. We have natural rights and freedoms simply because we exist; not because governments dole them out.

In recent years, the government in this country has perverted the meaning of the word freedom, and in so doing has confused Americans as to the very nature of freedom.

Whenever the government grants “freedoms” to a specific class of citizens, it’s really granting special privileges. Privileges that come with costly strings attached.

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