Correspondence With The Empire; an attempt to make a difference

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Richard William Posner
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Without monetary reform we cannot go forward and we cannot address any of the crucial issues facing us. Most importantly, without such reform, we cannot restore freedom to our country.

Unless this step is taken, unless this reform is enacted, the United States will soon enter the ranks of the third world. Please, join me.

Whether you vote Democrat, Republican, Independent or Green, whether you’re a Tea Party or Coffee Party member, whether you’re gay or straight, white or black, whatever your ethnic or religious persuasion may be; PLEASE, put aside your differences. If we do not stand together now, that is how we will all fall.

Write, call, fax and email your “representatives” repeatedly. Tell them, don’t ask, that you demand the passage of H.R. 6550, The National Emergency Employment Defense Act.

The following is an exchange between me and David Vitter, R-Louisiana. Mr. Vitter’s message is first, followed by my response.

I have been sending and resending the message from my response to as many members of both houses of congress as I can.

I have also sent a similar message to the Whitehouse.

date    Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 10:58 AM
subject    Gas Prices Still Rising, Obama Still Not Getting It
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Dear Friend,
The price at the pump is unfortunately continuing to climb, and the average price for a gallon of gas is now at $3.86. This is obviously creating a huge burden for Louisiana families.

Yet, instead of embracing common sense policies that could immediately ease some pain at the pump, the President’s latest gimmick is a new task force to investigate the oil and gas markets.

Like you, I’m infuriated when I go fill up our mini-van. And like you, I know that real policy and real action is what we need to lower the price of gas – not some new task force or commission.

That is why I recently introduced legislation — 3-D: The Domestic Jobs, Domestic Energy, and Deficit Reduction Act of 2011. It would unleash our vast domestic energy potential to create American jobs, help free us from our reliance on foreign oil and begin to reduce our $14 trillion national debt. The 3-D Act speeds up the permitting process while ensuring the responsible development of our abundant domestic resources.

Here in Louisiana we know first-hand the importance of producing domestic energy, but the administration continues to drag its feet on issuing permits, keeping much of the Gulf of Mexico off limits for energy production.

In addition to introducing the 3-D Act, I have placed a hold on one of Obama’s top Interior Department nominees until they issue at least 15 new deepwater exploratory permits. There were zero when I placed the hold; today there are 11. Once we reach the benchmark of 15, I’ll continue pushing for more so we can reach and even exceed pre-oil spill production numbers.

Increasing domestic energy supply will bring down the price of gasoline, but first, we must dig our way out of the mountains of regulations under which the administration has buried the Gulf Coast energy project.

David Vitter
United States Senator

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My Response to Mr. Vitter;
Richard William Posner to David_Vitter
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Mr. Vitter,
It is you and the rest of congress that are not “getting it”. You know as well as I that it is Wall Street speculators driving up the cost of fuel. OPEC has actually cut production due to lack of demand.

I would suggest you turn your attention to more urgent matters than your political agenda and get about the business of PROMOTING THE GENERAL WELFARE of ALL the people of America and not just the special interests that own you.

The end of democracy and defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of the lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.

The Bank of the United States is one of the most deadly hostilities existing against the principles and form of our Constitution. The system of banking is a blot left in all our Constitutions, which if not covered will end in their destruction. I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity is but swindling futurity. — Thomas Jefferson

A message to all members of the Congress of the United States.

I recently sent an email to Representative Dennis Kucinich regarding H.R. 6550, The National Emergency Employment Defense Act. This bill was introduced by Mr. Kucinich to the 111th Congress, in the house of representatives, December 17, 2010.

If you have not yet read the bill, allow me to provide you with the following link;

The following two paragraphs are excerpted from my email to Mr. Kucinich:

It is and has been my contention that monetary reform may be the single most important step to be taken in the process of putting America and the world on the path to genuine progress and to assure the continuity of human civilization. The debt-based monetary system is the actual cancerous disease that is killing civil society and to save the patient it is essential to cure the disease, not simply treat the symptoms.

Without the passage and implementation of H.R. 6550, we will never be able to seriously address any of the critical problems we face. The issues of healthcare, climate change, renewable energy, infrastructure, the economic monstrosity of Wall Street and the international banking cartel can never be resolved; nor can all the programs required to promote the general welfare be maintained sustainably as long as the debt-based monetary system remains in place.

With that being said, my purpose for this message is, as you may well have surmised, to beseech you most urgently to work with Mr. Kucinich to get this legislation passed and signed into law as quickly as humanly possible.

Most sincerely,
Richard William Posner

There is no way to Peace. Peace is the Way.

Richard Posner is a writer, computer graphics and image editor, and is skilled at electronic music applications.  The full range of his political and ideological views, and the background for those, can be found on his own site.  Richard can be contacted directly at        

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