Coca-Cola Sides With Regulatory Agencies Over Consumer Concern About Bisphenol A

John Galt

Activist Post

Corporate-regulatory lockstep is a growing trend that has been made most obvious through the recent EPA cover-up of the ongoing impact of the Fukushima disaster.  However, the nefarious connections between large corporations and regulatory agencies are patently obvious across the board.

The latest example of disregard for public health in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence of guaranteed harm comes from Coca-Cola.  Despite concerns from 26 percent of its own shareholders, as well as shareholder advocacy groups and the world’s largest pension fund, Coca-Cola chiefs said, “it backs the consensus among regulatory agencies across the globe that BPA in epoxy linings does not pose a human health risk.”

BPA is a building block contained in the epoxy resin used for lining cans of Coca-Cola.  Far from being inert, it is an endocrine disruptor that can interfere with the body’s hormone production.  A clear link was established between BPA levels and sterility in a five-year human study of Chinese factory workers.  The evidence was conclusive: higher levels of BPA lead to severely compromised fertility.  This comprehensive long-term study supported earlier research, and led to chief researcher, Dr. De-Kun Li, to state, “When you see this kind of association with semen you have to wonder what else BPA has an effect on.”

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This leads to the argument over what the acceptable intake might be for a substance that presents this level of danger.  Here is where the regulatory agencies step in to reassure the public that radiation, mercury, fluoride, GMO’s, and the air at Ground Zero and in the Gulf is all perfectly fine.  The agencies whose studies are cited by Coca Cola for the safety of BPA include the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.K. Food Standards Agency, the EU Scientific Committee on Food, as well as other government bodies worldwide — all of which have been responsible for allowing known poisons to enter our environment and our bodies.

It’s bad enough that the products Coca-Cola pumps out are themselves a health hazard, but the declaration issued by Coca-Cola perfectly exposes how global corporations legally can get away with murder.  The agencies responsible for consumer protection have themselves become global, thus providing universal standards and studies that can be cited.  This has become increasingly evident with commissions such as Codex Alimentarius which serves as plausible deniability for the Big Pharma takeover of the natural health field.   Furthermore, the agencies are populated by corporate cronies similar to the government/military industrial complex, who utilize the same structure to create a revolving door of corporate and public service that all but guarantees human beings will be a distant concern compared to corporate/government profit and control.

It is clear that neither corporations, nor the regulatory agencies that are supposed to rein them in have any concern for your health.  If the language of money is all that is understood, then it is up to you to do your own research and vote with your wallet.  The surest way to protect ourselves from these predators is to starve them out of existence.

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