US Contracting Tech Firms for Revolutions

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Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
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As previously reported, the US State Department manages a vast array of extra-legal networks of NGOs, propaganda outlets, and organizations like that are literally recruiting and training foreign protesters and supporting their efforts as they return home to incite unrest and regime change. It was described how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was literally sitting on the Broadcasting Board of Governors which oversees “news agencies” like Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, and Radio Free Asia.

Washington Post has now revealed that the US State Department, Department of Defense, and the Broadcasting Board of Governors are all funding technology companies and NGOs (amusingly referred to as “human rights groups”) who are providing protesters across the Middle East and North Africa with means to facilitate their online activities including circumventing cyber-security measures employed by target nations.

The US is apparently prepared to spend at least $30 million of taxpayers’ money to facilitate this overseas meddling. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a multi-tiered display of unbelievable hypocrisy stated, “I am sure there are certain folks in the governments of these places that would prefer we didn’t fund these technologies – just as they would prefer we don’t advocate for human rights in general – but it’s our long-standing policy to advocate for Internet freedom.”

The entire article needs to be read to be believed and can be found here.

Meanwhile, Senator Joe Lieberman took to the podium and decided to spend the people’s time to promote another extra-legal meddling in a foreign nation’s sovereign affairs, this time in Belarus. Belarus borders Russia and has recently rebuffed NATO’s overtures. As previously reported, regime change in Belarus and its joining of NATO is part of a greater agenda of encircling Russia and forcing from it concessions on behalf of the globalist oligarchy.

Senator Lieberman expertly misappropriating,
time, space, legitimacy, and money

It should be noted that Belarus’ protesters were also the recipients of training from the US created and funded CANVAS of Serbia. In Foreign Policy’s article “Revolution U, it states that “Slobodan Djinovic, one of Otpor’s original organizers, began traveling to Belarus, meeting clandestinely with a student movement there. It was soon infiltrated, however, and eventually collapsed.”

It is more than likely the US is looking for ways around this, and judging from the contempt Lieberman speaks of the Belarus regime with, it must have long since taken its gloves off and fully recognizes the threat the US State Department has left on its doorstep.

Tony Cartalucci’s articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at Land Destroyer. 

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