Panic Buying: Stocks Of Potassium Iodide Exhausted In U.S.

Editor’s Note:  Our principal affiliate, LPC Survival has indeed reported a large backlog of orders.  Please also view Brandon Turbeville’s article which highlights at least one alternative to iodide tablets . . . at least for prevention.  We will stay in contact with LPC and report when stock has arrived. 

Paul Joseph Watson — Prison Planet

We are getting numerous reports from readers that stocks of potassium iodide, which is used to protect the body against the effects of nuclear fallout, are completely sold out across the United States. Checks of health supplement websites in the U.S. also confirmed that stocks are completely exhausted.

With the threat of radioactive particles from the stricken Fukushima nuclear reactor complex drifting towards the United States on prevailing easterly winds, many Americans are attempting to protect themselves by acquiring potassium iodide, which protects the thyroid gland from radiation and cancer caused by radioactive iodine.

U.S. manufacturers of potassium iodide have been swamped with demand, reports CNN. One Williamsburg, Virginia-based company “Has received hundreds, if not thousands, of calls from potential buyers in Asia as well as repeat U.S. customers suddenly seeking to replenish their stockpiles of the drug.”

The U.S. government has said that it will not stockpile any further supplies of potassium iodide, which has only increased demand from Americans who are struggling to find it anywhere.

“The federal government has never purchased enough to meet that standard. There is currently only enough of the medication available for populations living within 10 miles of nuclear reactors in the United States, according to U.S. officials,” an amount Alan Morris, president of Anbex Inc, slams as being completely insufficient.

Morris points to the fact that the fallout from the April 1986 Chernobyl disaster, which was spread all around the northern hemisphere, led to over a million deaths because of radiation poisoning according to some estimates, causing thyroid cancer in children living in surrounding countries.

“U.S. drug stores are reporting a sudden increase in sales of over-the-counter anti-radiation pills, despite assurances from health officials that Americans are not at risk from Japanese nuclear reactors,” reports Fox News.

Watch a video simulation of how the Chernobyl radiation cloud affected the whole of Europe, causing governments to severely restrict cattle movements and food safety standards as far away as England and Wales.

Here are a couple of emails we received today;

I went to the Whole Foods Market in Arlington, Texas last night to get a bottle of kelp and they were out and totally out of potassium iodide. They would not get a shipment, if any, by this Friday.
Are people in this area more aware of what is going on in Japan than the people in Austin? I hope so.
Good Luck finding any Potassium Iodide in the United States! Went on the internet and contacted all manufacturers, suppliers, health food stores, etc. NO ONE HAS ANY!

Just says temporarily out of stock on all websites…..What little was available is gone and the earliest they expect it is sometime possibly next month or the following month! Iosat manufactured and distributed by Anbex Inc. doesn’t even have it available.Good God… how would we get it if we needed it now?

Think the Government is going to help get it to us? Don’t think so! No one is saying anything about this little problem!


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