Student Punished Over Ziploc Bag As Eco Fascists Move to Futher Control Society

Alex Thomas
The Intel Hub

A six year old boy in Laval Quebec was punished and excluded from a class contest because his lunch was made with a Ziploc bag.

That’s right, Eco Fascists throughout the world are actually indoctrinating our children that they will be punished if they do not take care of the environment, while at the same time destroying our planet through the use of pesticides, chemtrails, and genetically modified foods.

“Felix explained with lots of emotion and tears in his eyes that there was a simple condition to entering the drawing: Don’t use a Ziploc bag in their lunch,” his father, Marc-Andre Lanciault wrote on his French-language blog, “Notre Vie” [Our Life] reported ABC News.

“Felix reacted as if someone had slaughtered a pig for his ham sandwich,” said his father, who is CEO and founder of the technology company INBOX International.

This is propaganda to it’s fullest extent. Our children are being taught fraudulent science in order to indoctrinate them into accepting a draconian police state to save us from “global warming.” This is the stated goal of the globalists and has been proven through hundreds of official documents and internal memos.

“Here we have the same sort of pattern we documented in the book teachers are becoming activists and training their kids to be activists. Secondly, they are latching on to environmental dogma and teaching that as science to kids. Who is to say that kids don’t wash out the baggies and re-use them? Why is the Ziploc a problem,” wrote Michael Sanera.

Unfortunately this isn’t an isolated incident. In the past Eco Fascists have called for everything from thugs to attack people who do not except man made global warming to putting people in prison cities where a global government controls all aspects of your life and only the super rich are able to afford vehicles.

At least once a month there is an attack that is blamed on some sort of anti New World Order activist or right wing extremist yet Globalist eco scare groups such as Greenpeace have openly called for thugs to attack those who dispute the debunked science of man made global warming without any sort of punishment.

The proper channels have failed. It’s time for mass civil disobedience to cut off the financial oxygen from denial and skepticism.

If you’re one of those who believe that this is not just necessary but also possible, speak to us. Let’s talk about what that mass civil disobedience is going to look like.

If you’re one of those who have spent their lives undermining progressive climate legislation, bankrolling junk science, fueling spurious debates around false solutions, and cattle-prodding democratically-elected governments into submission, then hear this:

We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work.
And we be many, but you be few.

We are on the road to a totalitarian police state and if we continue to let teachers, dirty scientists, and globalists teach and punish our students based on inaccurate science the world will surely fall to this so called New World Order.

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