The Road To Oppression Is Paved With Bad Intentions

Ansel Adams – Japanese American Internment

Rick Gedeon
Activist Post

Gerald Celente, Director of the Trends Research Institute, contends, “The police have become the enforcers for the crime bosses.”

Paul Criag Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury under Reagan, recently wrote in his piece entitled Americans are Oppressed, Too where he goes on to state that: 

Why are the police so aggressive toward the public?  In part because their ranks attract bullies, sociopaths and psychopaths . . . Police in the US now rival criminals, and exceed terrorists, as the greatest threat to the American public.

The current situation exceeds anything Orwell had ever conceived – it has gotten to the point where former Navy Seal and Governor, Jesse Ventura, began taking steps to sue the TSA this past January.   Ventura, a frequent flier and well-known and admired public figure, is apparently not immune from experiencing sexual humiliation at the hands of TSA agents via “Touching, Gripping & Rubbing of the [his] Genitals.”

Not even active duty military personnel are protected from the harassment.  It’s preposterous to see America’s service members pulled aside at airports and told to take off their boots while the goon squad goes over their personal belongings.  However, this is indicative of what the now infamous MIAC report dictated to its law enforcement officials in 2009.  Chuck Baldwin commented that, “The DHS report specifically warns law enforcement to be on guard against “disgruntled military veterans,” especially veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. You read it right.”

The media blackout and obfuscation is deliberate and delivered to you by arrogant pundits who spin truth and construe any challenge to their synthetic reality as anti-American, treasonous, or hate speech.

In order to get a better understanding in regards to scale of magnitude and analysis of our current predicament it is imperative to look back a few years.  John Perkins gives an eloquent synopsis of the current state of affairs in his recent masterpiece Hoodwinked:

We have failed to muster the courage.  We have allowed our government to chase the shadows of terrorist across Iraq, paw though our purses and briefcases in airports searching for explosive tubes of toothpaste, desecrate our most sacred documents by imprisoning people without habeas corpus, and convince us that criticizing our president was treasonous.  We have accepted the idea that countries whose GDPs were a fraction of AIG’s losses were members of an “Evil Axis” while we have trashed laws that had protected us from rapacious financiers.  We have supported operations that scoured Colombian jungles for terrorist but neglected to search the ledgers of companies with the power to destroy our economy.

Has America turned into East Germany?  All of these intrusive and abusive overreaches from the government appear to be derived directly from the Gestapo/Stasi playbook.  How much farther down the road to self-damnation do we have to travel before we awaken from the slumber we find ourselves in?  These questions I pose to those who care to make a change — not an empty “change you can believe in,” but a genuine tangible change.  Something is definitely not right when the FBI gets caught paying a convicted felon $177,000 tax-free for 15 months to infiltrate over 75 houses of worship, and his job was to lure innocent worshipers “trying to entrap them into a mission.” Not to mention that the only reason the informant, Craig Monteilh, came out and exposed this is because he claims that after the FBI was finished using his services that they tried to whack him in prison where he was stabbed.  

Napolitano had the right idea when she stated that homeland security begins with hometown security.  It’s time we all took proactive steps in securing our hometowns from further government intrusion.

Attend to your local town hall meeting!  Become active, participate in a local chapter of an organization you’re interested in and, most importantly, talk to your neighbors.  Because in the end nobody really cares if Lindsay Lohan stole a $2,500 necklace.


Know your rights!

Rick Gedeon is graduate from USAF Air University, amateur historian, and anti-imperial/anti-police brutality activist.   Rick Gedeon has traveled extensively throughout the US and Asia.  A political marketeer, routinely bringing together and forging alliances with different political organizations that share similar goals. He considers himself a Political Atheist and sympathizes with many Libertarian causes.  He can be reached at

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