NASA Scientist: Persistent Contrails Cause Global Warming

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Buried under years of misinformation and refusal to acknowledge the existence of deliberately planted aerosols known as persistent contrails or “chemtrails” is an article published in 1997 entitled:

Those Hazy Jet Trails May Heat Up The Debate About Global Warming

Published in the Christian Science Monitor, this article is a bombshell. (emphasis mine)

BOSTON — Patrick Minnis studies satellite images of aircraft contrails and thinks of climate change. Those pretty patterns in the sky may not be as benign as they look. They may be inducing enough extra cloudiness over heavily traveled Northern Hemisphere regions to significantly warm the ground below.

“When we look up at the sky or down from a satellite, it’s possible we are viewing a cloud that would not have been there if it hadn’t been for a jet aircraft,” Dr. Minnis says. Sketchy contrail statistics gleaned from satellite images had suggested jet trails would be climatically insignificant. Minnis says “we know better than that [now].”

Satellite analysts had not connected sharply defined contrails seen in some images with cirrus clouds seen subsequently in other images covering other areas.

Minnis – an atmospheric scientist at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va. – has made that connection. He took part in a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) field experiment in May 1996.

Infrared images taken every 15 minutes by the GOES-8 weather satellite enabled him to track distinctive contrails for six hours or more.

It gets better.

You’ll never hear this from a scientist today. I don’t know if he’s spoken any more about “persistent contrails” since this time, but that’s supposed to be his job. He’s still listed as the Principal Investigator on the NASA Langley Cloud and Radiation Group home page.  I would sure like to talk to him.

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