Leaked Memo: Government Considering Deploying Special Forces Troops On The Streets With Police

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The British government is considering plans to deploy crack trained SAS commandos onto the streets to work alongside police in “counter-terrorism surveillance teams”, according to a leaked memo unveiled by the Times Of London today.

The justification given in the memo is to counter “Al Qaeda’s International Operations wing”, which security officials believe is adamant on carrying out a Mumbai style terror attack to inflict mass casualties on the streets of London.

The restricted Whitehall document notes that under the plans, the SAS could relocate to a base in central London in order to cut down response time.

The document states that terrorists are seeking to use suicide or car bombs or the use of “firearms against aircraft and airport targets”.

It is claimed that the Royal Wedding in May and the 2012 Olympics are high profile events that could be targeted by terrorists, and that the incident involving the student protest “attack” on the car of Prince Charles last year shows that extra security is required.

However, when asked what the specifics of the threat were, government officials denied they had any evidence of an imminent attack.

It is not explained how a student protest, consisting of young British people taking to the streets in opposition of rises in tuition fees is in any way related to foreign mercenaries intent on slaughtering as many innocent shoppers and members of the public as they can with machine guns.

The online Times report is now firmly secured behind a pay wall, however, the Mail also carries the story today.

Since the Second World War, the Special Air Service has become the model for special forces regiments all over the world, it is the blueprint for the US Delta Force.

The same SAS soldiers that are now set to roam the streets of Britain have been conducting black ops in Iraq and Afghanistan for years now, in so called “secret wars” that rarely capture headlines. They are hardened killers, trained for combat.

Though the memo states that the plans are under consideration, previous reports have detailed how SAS squads have already been “drafted in” to work with police. They are under orders to shoot to kill as well as to “engage and neutralise” using gas-loading pistols and stun grenades should they be called into action.

The same elite outfit that trained The Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot’s guerrilla army, is now poised to wander around shopping malls and high streets “helping” the police.

Police firearms units based at Scotland Yard have been trained to engage using SAS assault rifles, specifically the 5.56mm calibre high velocity Heckler & Koch G36.

Some have questioned the effectiveness of such weapons in a potentially crowded chaotic scenario, arguing that such massive firepower would only intensify the carnage.

To your everyday member of the British public, however, machine guns in the hands of uniformed officers and troops look really really big and black and frightening, and one suspects that is the whole point of this operation, especially in the wake of increased protests on the streets and social unrest amongst the wider population.

Also never forget that, according to it’s own “future strategic context” report, the MoD foresees the emergence of a “terrorist coalition,” an alliance of belief systems that oppose the state, from environmentalists to “ultra-nationalists” and remnants of religious groups.

So exactly who are the “terrorists” that the MoD believes Britain needs to be defended from?

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